10 Clear Reasons You Need To Stop Chasing Your Crush – If You Want To Find True Love

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Here’s why you should absolutely stop chasing your crush:

1. Chasing someone that isn’t pursuing you gets you nowhere except running circles around your own heart.
When you meet the right person, you won’t need to run after them, because you’ll both want to walk together the moment you see eye-to-eye.

Your worlds will change and the only direction left to go will be forward. Otherwise, you wind up wasting time conspiring on how to make someone fall in love with you.

2. You start to forget about the people who aren’t in your life just temporarily.
You miss out on treasured memories with your friends and family while trying to force forgettable memories with infatuation.

3. You offer your heart to someone who doesn’t deserve you.
The one who does will woo you, court you and kill to be with you, because what would life be without you.

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