10 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, He’s Faking It And Using You – Ladies, Don’t Be Deceived!

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If you are asking yourself “Is he using me?” and want to avoid dating your own version of him, keep an eye out for these signs.

1. People have told you they’re worried that he’s using you.

My own parents actually told me an ex was a con-man. I should have listened to them earlier. Thankfully, things worked out in the end when I dumped him.

2. You’re always helping him out but he makes you seem unreasonable when you ask for even the smallest thing.

This is just a bad dynamic all-around. If you literally have to beg, plead, and try to “sell” the idea of a guy being there for you, you need to leave him and cut him off. Why bother with helping him out if he’s unwilling to do the same for you?

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