11 Good Romantic Words to Say to Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Here are some super cheesy and some really romantic lines that will either make him/her break into laughter or go all ‘aww same’. Do try them to see their reaction!

 “You are so mesmerizingly beautiful I forgot what I had to say”

It does not matter if you really wanted to say something or not as long as you deliver this line right. It does happen though, you have to admit, that we get so lost in their smile or some other expression of theirs that we really want to put everything aside and tell them how perfect they look at the moment.

“I fall in love with you every day, all over again”

Don’t hesitate in becoming John Green/John Legend for your partner because it will be worth it. This famous line might not come out as too cheesy since it has some meaning and truth in it. Relationships actually are all about falling in love with our partners every day, all over again, as if it is the first time.

“You are all I ever think about”

They will know, of course, that you are exaggerating but it WILL make their heart race a little bit because it sounds real to some extent. It is humanly possible to miss someone all the time while performing other tasks and listening to you say it is just straight-up romantic.

“I want to grow old with you”

This might even be the most genuinely romantic thing to say to someone; a lifetime promise can contain no cheesiness. Proposing someone to grow old with you has to be the perfect thing to say at all times to remind them no matter how many storms come by and whatever changes we go through, I will always be with you.

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“It feels like you are there even when you are not”

It is just a different way of saying that “I miss you every minute of the day”. We do feel our loved ones’ presence when we are really missing them, as if they are somewhere around us missing us back. And although we cannot communicate directly, we know that we might be thinking of the same thing at the moment i.e. each other.

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