11 Good Romantic Words to Say to Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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“I love you more than food”

It is guaranteed that they will feel like they are on the seventh sky after you say this because it is very difficult to love anything more than food. And if you add sleep to the list, you might even get a hug and something more.

“I never thought I would be this happy”

The best way to praise someone is by associating your happiness with them. If they have really made you a happy person, tell them because they need to know to be happy themselves. All these one-liners will make your love grow stronger.

“You are like breathing, I can’t leave you”

Metaphors always work if, of course, they match perfectly. Never fear using examples to describe how much you love them. Never fear, at all, to express your love in any way because life is too short to keep our feelings inside our hearts

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