11 Reasons Why You Missed Your Periods

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Because a month without a periods bleed doesn’t always mean you’ve got a baby on the way.

When Girls notice period is days late and immediately jump to the conclusion that they’re pregnant.. Well, if you were attempting then it’s an excellent feeling but if you’re not even close then the nightmare hits you. not to worry women, your missed period can be a result of many different things. There are many of reasons behind this. That’s why stop worrying and keep reading.

1. Stress

Stress will have an effect on your body in the worst possible manner. It causes you to gain weight, causes a headache etc. If you’re stressed then your body produces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. It forces the brain to shut down the inessential events. Hence, your reproductive part stops and you miss your period. So, stress is one among the reasons behind missed periods.

2. Weight

Ever heard of BMI (body mass index) ? Well, an ideal BMI may be a way to regular periods. Weight are often one of the reasons if you missed your period. Being underweight causes low estrogen and therefore no uterus lining and no period. Similarly, being overweight ruptures the complete process as there’s too much of estrogen.Reasons Why You missed Your Periods.

3. Illness

This is one of the reasons that cause you to miss your period. The sickness affects your body and your body prioritize the most functions. Hence, missed periods. If you’re sick during the menstruation cycle then it’ll return once you are fine.

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4. Strikeout pregnancy

It’s simple to assume that you just are pregnant before your period cycle as most of your PMS are almost like pre-pregnancy symptoms. So, if you’re very anxious then it’s best to take a home pregnancy test and make sure. Don’t worry about your missed periods, pregnancy is just one of the reasons behind this.

5. Too much exercise

Too much of anything is dangerous. an excessive amount of workout is one of the reasons behind this. when your body goes through an excessive amount of exercise, the estrogen levels dip. this is often the reason some professionals undergo amenorrhea. Continue exercise without any intake of calories is harmful. So, gain weight if you need to.

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