16 Instant That Prove You Both Are Meant To Be Together For Forever

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We are sure you can relate to most of them if you have/had the element of comfort with your partner in the relationship.

1. Share Everything:

You want to share everything with them that happens in the day. You want them to be the first one to listen to good news or even bad news even if it won’t make any difference. You want to share with them the little things that make you happy because they don’t make you as happy as they do when he/she listens to it.

2. Nothing Beats You:

When you have had a long day and all you want to do is to hug them and lie in their arms until you sleep. You realize while listening to their heartbeat that you will always crave this sound and that there will never be anyone else that will make you feel as comfortable as them.

3. Tears of Joy:

When you find yourself tearing up while only thinking about your relationship, which means that you have finally known how it feels like to cry out of joy and what your relationship is worth. You like that joy more than anything you have ever found peace in.

4. A Little Something:

You find yourself smiling widely on almost anything he/she says in the day just because you cannot stop thinking about how great they are and how quickly they can change your mood. Just a little text from them like “miss ya” or “See you tonight” makes your whole day.

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