16 Secrets Your Boyfriend Won’t Ever Tell You Unless You Ask Him

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You can’t handle the truth! Your Boyfriend has to lie through his teeth just to spare your feelings. Do you want to hear the truth? If you’ve gained weight. He will never tell you. No matter how many ways you phrase, “I think I need to lose weight,” he will change the subject, just to avoid the subject. So here are some secrets your boyfriend won’t ever tell you unless you ask him

1. He Hates Your Family

You may never find out, that your boyfriend secretly hates your family. Every time he goes to your parents’ house, he knows he’s stepping right into hell.

2. Fear of losing you

Finally, he’ll not ask you to live with him and still, the thought of you leaving him sends shivers down his spine. Therefore, men will never tell women about their fears, insecurities, and dependencies.

3. His Friends Can’t Stand You

You can’t expect everyone to like you as much as your guy does. However, if your lucky, the people who mean the most to him will welcome you into their circle with open arms. But there are bound to be a few of his friends that really can’t stand you.

4. Adult content

Men have a habit of collecting adult content. Whether that be in the form of clips or films, there’s no doubt about it, yet they’ll never accept it in front of you.

5. Commitments

He is unsure of the fact whether he’ll be able to support both of you financially. But you never forced him to bear all the expenses, then why? Well, that is what he thinks and never tells you. This is one of the most common boyfriend’s secrets.

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