The 6 Main Reasons Why Women Cheat – Must See For Every Man

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Here are 6 honest reasons women cheat.

1. Romance

Women crave romance. We just do. OK, maybe not every woman on the planet — I won’t be reductivist here (is that even the right word?) — but many women crave romance. When a relationship has none, a woman might just bark up the tree of another partner who’s got a song, dance, and poem in their heart for the lady.

While she could decide to talk to her partner and ask, “Hey, why are we lacking romance?” sometimes, a woman might just cheat for the romantic thrills and affection of another.

2. Low Self-Esteem

Yep, you’re not the reason — although, perhaps, you’re not being a loving and supportive partner, but that’s another story. She might cheat because her self-esteem is so low, she needs more than one person to boost her. This affair of hers might have made her feel like she is sexy or wanted because inside, she doesn’t feel either sexy or wanted.

3. Boredom

I don’t mean to say this flippantly, but she just may be bored with her life. She may be feeling restless internally. Dissatisfied at work. Jaded over motherhood. Jaded over growing older. Jaded about life after college.

Feeling empty inside can lead to bad choices. This doesn’t make it a good excuse — no, none of these are “good excuses,” but rather reasons that led to cheating trouble.

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