5 Common Human Activities I despised

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For me writing this post might bring an insinuation to readers that I could only be joking or playing drama here. But it wasn’t at all. Just yesterday I was questioned by one of my friends. That what was my hatings in human activities. What are common things human does and I didn’t like?. But the first thing that came to mind was being an Introvert. While many weren’t. That’s one of the traits I was totally adamant too.

Today, I want to share most 5 common human activities that I find despised. That often also got me infuriated anytime am in abreast of people.

Besides, Permit me to give this post additional title: Human activities that I hate and have been trying to condone.

Before you leave this page, read below. In no particular order, five human activities that got me infuriated.

1.Talking about copulation

Have you ever come back from church one day and find your friends talking about last party and how some guys shagged themselves?

Even if you have no right to retaliate by admonishing them. You could find your consciousness pricking you.

Besides, sitting with your friends talking about beneficially things. And just immediately someone swerved the topic into copulation always repulsed me most.

And it wasn’t enough with that. I guess the moment that could get you more infuriated was when you found it difficult to believe that a friend you found so consecrated could join the other shagging spirit friends trending on such thing.

2.Sitting with a stranger or virtual partner

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Sitting with a stranger has no other word that could explain its outcome than putting one life into danger. Especially lady. In this nowadays where rapists are common. Besides, not to talk of being a total stranger. A virtual stranger also might have an ulterior motive towards you. You might not know. And that could end up to the awkwardness that could linger in the sense of dehumanizing. So, because of this don’t be offended if I heard or said sitting with a stranger, I despised it.

3.Playing with Elders or Seniors

I know readers might not understand this. But let me break this down. Playing with anybody that am actually giving respect. It might be Brother, Sister and others despised me.

This reason I despised this activity is not any other than departing from disobedient. Or the saying: “See that boy/girl, he’s not respectable and that’s how he’s being taught at home”. Referring to such things – HOME normally erupts me into fury. Because I don’t respect the case of being referring to my parents. So for that reason, I tried to maintain my Introvert’s lifestyle. And be on my own than to be getting insulted that could lead directly to my home.

4.Sharing adulation with relative

In life, this is the most awkward movement of mine. I do remember when I would be told to go and meet my elder siblings or cousins. In fact, I wouldn’t know how to act after getting to the place. Sharing love with them would be so difficult for me. I didn’t know the reason. And for any of my relative reading, this post am sorry for divulging this as you might little be surprised to find out my hating.

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Sometimes, it might be before your grand. Either Father or Mother, how they would start citing your subtle personal names. It even exacerbated my falter to speak confidently to them.

5.Taking a photograph

I remember like 4, 5 years back. How I normally pose for a single cloth and get pictured in a different style. That might be 15 or 20 in numbers. But as time goes on, I found it so awkward and I start changing from that obsession. Today, if you find me snapped, it might be the first time in this year. Yes. Because I despised photograph so intense but the incredible part of it is that I felt inclined.

Photography is good, I admit that. But putting it online, I found it so provocative. So, if you find my picture on my profile either Facebook or Twitter, it might be the only one that would be there until a year crossed. You might so be fortunate to find my pics through tagging but it wouldn’t be on my profile. Because that’s for me.

I love you guys. Here it is, 5 common human activities I despised. Do you comprehend? or you think am weird or dramatic? let me know any of your thoughts in the comment section.

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