5 Dire Piece of Advice For A Younger Out There

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Like they do say, many has its own mistake that had left an indelible on his/her memory. It would be palaver when one that has the opportunity restrain to share the details of his scars so that many coming could learn and avert such mistake. Besides, those that had also gotten into such entanglement should know that there’s hope in chaos and also heal is available for any such profound indelible that had left an imprint on one life.

Tracing back to my lifestyle then, I wish I could go back little to adjust, so before it would be getting late and cause the majority that might be trending on the path to fall entangled, I opted to spill it out for learning sake.

That’s why I specifically called this topic, “Dire piece of advice for a younger out there”.

In such manner, permit me to list the intrinsic advice in just 5 words. Listed below:

1.Focus and be productive.

Sometimes, it makes me go nuts with the idea of many out their most especially lady. It’s now contemporaneous society we find our self-today that have been drastically and subtly perverted our dignity. How would you want me to explain a 15-years-old girl that was getting pregnant or a boy of at the range between 13 and 15 that had started shagging? Contemporaneous we find so helpful today, on the contrary, subliminally affecting us in a piecemeal.

My advice is nothing but to stay focus, at least if you have focus and resolution of what your life would be in 10 years to come, it would even surpass in sully the reputation of those that haven’t.

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2.Be passive in most area of life

There’s  no beneficiary outcome in discrediting or be outspoken about everything in life. Major fact about life is basically to be friendless to redundant, life is simple than to take it personally. No matter what despicable action carry out today that wouldn’t have its repercussion tomorrow. Thus, why are you living as if you own everything? why are you doing or taking action in the mode of indiscretion?

Okay, to lead a passive lifestyle, hear and pretend as if you didn’t, see and impersonate as if you didn’t, I think that should be a good lifestyle.

3.The fear of failure is the biggest regret ever

Failure brings nothing but a redundancy; the fear of failure is an option. Now it left for you to decide, no matter what the number of your trials, they are nothing and countless until you achieve such target. Or you think it is your trial number people want to hear or your outright achievement.

Thus, failure certainly brings fear, it left to you to decide either it will cripple you or set as a stooge to your milestone.

4.Don’t hesitate, invest in your passion

Listen everyone has its own flair if you didn’t know. So, if you have discovered this your passion, hone it and invest in it wisely. don’t ever compromise on it. Honestly, it might bring difficulty at initial attempt but know that persistence pays off and in its attribute it includes success.

5.Imbibe little introvert lifestyle

There’s no benefit in publicizing your achievement to make your friends envy or flattered because the outcome often either bring you disparagement or curtail in the process of your success. Let me be sincere, it good to show off your acquiring but how many people would be happy, if, at all you didn’t care about that, I employ you to care about your future and live this life easy, remember that life is too short.

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6. Be smart about relationship

This is actually not about me dictating for you but I believe you understand what relationship is all about nowadays. You know the meaning they have given relationship in these contemporaneous days. I’m imploring you to be intelligent about a relationship, to avoid dumping or cheating that might leave you with an indelible imprint

7.Be nice and prayerful

The bonus part of it is to be nice and prayerful. at least I guess this covers many unlisted here that you know; it covers many steps and lifestyles in this world to make and live your life in a way that glories God. God bless you.


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