5 Entertainment Blogs/Websites I Visit For An Update

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Yes! 5 entertainment blogs I visit for an update. I believe everyone has it own entertainment blogs that he/she visit to be current. And, to know what’s happening in the industry.

Today, I want to tell you that without entertainment, other categories wouldn’t be compelling. That’s why you found many blogs that are strictly for business had entertainment category. Many blogs. But I wish to list just 5 blogs I visit for entertainment and laughing skit.

1.Linda Ikeji (Lindaikejisblog.com)

As this name common. Hardly you will find a Nigerian twitter handle that won’t know Linda Ikeji through her prolific blogs. And I like her personality. And, I visit her blog often, not every time, because I have a heap of work to do. Besides, I did make sure I read all her posts for a single day.

I love her blog because of nothing but her necessary American features. Quick update, and scoop stories. Sometimes, I do wonder how ordinary a lady could be so arduous like she is. But the fact is blogging’s prowess is not giving to many but little that can strive uninhibitedly.

2.Vanguard (Vanguardngr.com)

If I was talking about favorite house media, I will definitely opt for Vanguard as the lead. Was it for its appealing template of the site or the diverse information they do share?. To be candid, their categories like entertainment, relationships, special and crime reports always captivate my interest to come back visit and I couldn’t budge an inch from doing such.

Vanguard’s Relationship and Entertainment categories are different in the sense that they give full details of their information.

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3.Naij (Naij.com)

Love to Genesis Company. Naij.Com stands on a different path in terms of gossip and gist, I know some might choose Yabaleftonline or Gistreel. But respect has to be given to this Naij. When it comes to gossip, they are basically leading on that path.

Besides, they linger on the different sides when am talking about their Facebook page. that gives an update on current country’s situation through their videos shared that recorded by their TV – NaijTV.

4.Gossip Mill Nigeria (Gossipmill.com)

Yeah! I got Somto Monanu (Founder of Gossip Mill Nigeria). This guy is exceptional as he’s ardently moving his page to the whole Africa’s terrain. I don’t credit this page in term of Entertainment, Gossip or Gist but to only one outlandish thing, which is their videos.  Videos that could physically deranged human while laughing hysterically. For that reason, I credit Xploit Comedy, Mark Angel, Real House of Comedy and others for that.

Besides, I love Gossip Mill because of one thing which is their attribute: People’s comment. It hardly you’d find any Nigerian Facebook page that would imbibe people opinion like Gossip Mill does (Sometimes, Yabaleftonline does), and it’s due to the number of their subscribers. In fact, people’s comment only made me laugh and get entertained.

5.XXLmag (XXLmag.com)

This one American celebrity blog I often visit anytime I felt inclined to know about American entertainment industry. Actually, I do find little on Linda Ikeji’s blog, but it couldn’t be enough of those I wanted to know much about.

There are many American Entertainment blogs I also frequently visit which are Hiphopdx, Hotnewhiphop, Rapzillia (which is categorically for Christian Hip-Hop), but XXLmag catches my fancy in the sense of their Template and others I couldn’t explain. I just the love it.

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Yeah! that’s it, In short, My favorite entertainment blogs I visit for an update and the sake of to be current. Friends, Any opinion should be added to the comment section.

Also, any bloggers listed here, please indicate in the comment section to know if you stumble on this post. Love You all.

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