5 Qualities I Find Attractive In The Opposite Sex

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Just recently I reviewed my past posts. I stumbled on 5 Unforgettable Experience I Had In 2017  where I wrote about my horrified indelible in 2017.

But the point that evoked the consternation of the listed one was the relationship I broke up with my Ex. I can’t wait to start another. So as I am now. Am a single. I wish to find a very attractive and charming partner again. I want to put an end to this singleness. I’m tired of boredom.

As we all know that leaving the single life is not what that ought to compromise. I wish to had never done it. But what would I do in this treacherous time of relationship everywhere. Where there’s difficulty to know who will never try to cheat or accede to another person advances.

Notwithstanding, I’m less concern about it. I want a good relationship now. And, as you know I would not just go out there and pick anyone. Never. I’m a man of principle. I will definitely follow some considerations. And if I should list those considerations, it will be nothing but;

1. Someone whose dresses is less outrageous.

I’m kind of person that love an opposite sex that do wear skimpy dress. not tight trouser: I hate that. Dress that would be less obnoxious. But, moderate in the sense of showing one well poise and sanity. Besides, I never swerved from this conviction of red color basically because is love, sex and romance. For me, An opposite sex that do wear such color captivated my interest. Most especially always on short skirt and top.

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2. Someone who will like my stupidity.

I’m not going to make this unbelievable and as I felt convicted with this word. It doesn’t give an impression that I have stupidity? Or my stupidity often humiliate me in amidst of friend? NO. I was just like tentative of my personality. Sometimes, as it happens to majority, stupidity is a certainty. So, a person that will appreciate this stupidity of mine and will consider less the humiliation it might imported will actually be my choice.

3.Someone who is fun, loving and adventurous

I lead an introvert lifestyle as I always said on this blog. So how do you think I would cope if I partner with another introvert lifestyle person? do you think such relationship will be groovy? Instead, I prefer who is fun, loving and adventurous. Who can pull me out of my cocoon. And, always romantic.

4.Someone who is Intelligent and sensitive

I like the fact of being intelligent in the opposite sex. And, it has happened to me on different occasion I had made conquests since I was puberty. Almost every of my once conquest happened to be intelligent more than me. And, I love that. An opposite sex that could outwit me in the level of intelligent emphatically on books. I cherish such. I don’t want a plain or mediocre intelligent person.

5. someone who is full of Poise

I know that this not about a first meet that will determine if an opposite sex has this quality. It takes time to decipher it. But on the journey of the relationship and I discover the absent of it, I will not hesitate to call it off. Mainly, Because, this is the part of qualities I like most in opposite sex. Someone who’s not outspoken, capricious and conceited. Rather, prove maturity, and has cleanse heart.

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I guess you’ve gotten the qualities I want in an opposite sex.

Thank for reading. you can also talk with me through the comment section.

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