5 Unforgettable Experience I Had In 2017

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Hello friends! happy enjoyment!! I hope you have been grabbing enjoyment of this month. Please, don’t let this month go without personally putting a smile on your face; because, you basically only have a life to live.

I wish to share you some of the haunting experience I had in 2017. Experienced that has remained indelible in my memory that had also brought a feeling of nostalgia anytime I remembered them.

2017 actually had been a roller coaster for me as I passed through a gamut of emotion monthly in a succession. All the way from attending Davido’s 30 billion concerts at Eko hotel. First time at Canaan Land Sango Otta, My journey to Abuja, And the thrust of it, Establishing my Blog. Also parting way with my longtime partner this year alone.

Listed below are few, full details of my haunting experience from good, bad to ugly.

1) My Journey to Abuja: This was the first journey I had in last year that initially instigated my interest not to miss.  Actually, it was a wedding ceremony I attended for. And I had a great experience as I had enough time to gallivant around the whole Abuja. The first astounding scene I had was seeing Zuma rock, located in the North Area of the city.

It was a mind-boggling to me because I always see it on 100 naira note. Not in real life. I would have uploaded if I hadn’t lost my phone on my way coming from the same Abuja. Lest I forget. Aso Rock, also one of the places I saw that evoke a feeling of having any relative also being among Nigerian leaders. Maybe that could have given me access to the building. Before I left Abuja, let me said my day was enjoyed to the fullest. Different places I visited that I couldn’t remember. But it has marked a haunting day for me visiting the second beautiful state in Nigeria.

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2) Establishing my blog: Establishing my blog has also been one of my remarkable experience. Although it seemed simple to establish a blog, for those that had known and was abreast with it for a long time. For me, a blog was ticking my fancy until I got it established. If anyone ever asked me about a blog like a couple of years back. I would literally ask him, “What do you mean by blog?” all I knew before was a website. I never knew there was different between Lindaikeji and Notjustok/Naijailoaded which the latter was popular for music downloading.

Notwithstanding, in every of my naivety. I still appreciate God because my thought was having a website not knowing it was a blog I was actually asking from God. (ridiculous!)

3) My visit to Cannan Land, Sango Otta: It was a day of elation when I discerned the Church from the far. It seemed to be another city entirely. My Funny ordeal was that I almost lost after the targeted time to end service clocked. Making a mistake of where we parked our car too. I spent almost 2 hours loitering around to locate the exact place we had parked. No wonder it was the largest church in Africa. In fact, it was bigger than expected.

4)Parting way with my longtime partner: It was like a dream when I found out she was a trollop. I was simmered with resentment when I heard it by one of my friends. And later found out the same day.  Let me say the adage was right when said; “Only death can satisfy human” no matter how you pick pigs from dirt and cleansed them, they would still relapse. That’s how human also seem to be. Nothing satisfies them. After making a vow, spending money like crazy. But everything ends disappointingly.

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In fact, I thank God because my money would also thank me for savings instead of wasting it on a promiscuous. No one even knows who is consecrated among Nigerian ladies nowadays. They chase around rich guys and disregard others. Lol.

5) Davido 30 billion concerts: What an ingrained memory!  After touring other countries forgetting his fatherland initially, leaving everything for us to see on his IG. Categorically it was like a bang on many fans as he set for the home concert. Meanwhile, am still remembering when he brought out his arch-rival, Wizkid onstage and how fans were bellowing on top their voices. It was indeed surprising to everyone attended the concert because it seemed fans were under an illusion as the reports speculated they both harbored grudges against each other; Although, confirmed to be no.

As there were reports heading entertainment blogs about their friction. Glimmer from awards: Afrimma, MTV, MOBO, Soundcity and others that got both ardent fans hurling insults. Notwithstanding, everything has settled now. No more bad blood among two Nigerian icons. To recall, Actually, it was at first wizkid’s concert Davido made an appearance on Dec, 25 last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in attendance.

30 billion’s concert was a landmark concert that had ever happened among any Nigerian singer made worldwide. Meanwhile, 2017 marked a vintage year for Nigerian young blood, Davido.


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