6 Easiest Steps To Be The Best Girlfriend Ever – Every Ladies Must See This!!!

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1. Have an inappropriate sense of humor

We all know that guys have such an inappropriate sense of humor and love to joke about gross, often inappropriate stuff. The funny thing? We can also have the same sense of humor, but we tend to hide this so our bfs think that we’re lady-like. But your boyfriend would honestly be thrilled to learn that you are just as hilarious as he is.

He’s going to feel secure in your relationship and like he can truly be himself around you, and he’ll also feel more connected to you. He’ll realize that you’re an easy-going girl that can most definitely take a joke and this takes so much pressure off of him. So let your hair down and have a sense of humor if you want to be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

2. Encourage and support him

Guys have strange hobbies and interests. Some of them even jump from one hobby to the next without ever really diving into it or finishing any one project. No matter what your bf wants to do, you have to support him and always encourage them to do the things that they love. Unless it’s murder.

In that case, I would just call the police. But under normal circumstances, guys are just like us — they want their partner to be super supportive and to stand beside them, no matter where their life takes them.

He’s going to feel pretty awesome knowing that if he fails, you’ll still be there. You’re always going to be cheering I’m on. This will certainly make you be the best girlfriend he’s ever had and he’ll be bragging to his friends about you for a long time.

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