6 Signs You’re Not Healthy Even If You Think You Are – Take Heed!!!

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How can you tell if your body is whispering? Here are some warning signs

You’re always itchy.

It could just be allergies or some other benign skin disorder, but excessive itchiness may also be the only whisper your body gives you when you’re suffering from liver disease.

You’re always tired.

You could be tired because your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, your adrenal glands are burned out, or your body is exhausted from expending all your resources trying to protect you from the toxic overload you’re bombarding your system with because of processed foods, cigarettes, alcohol, or environmental exposures.

Even more commonly, you could be wiped out because your stress responses are flipped on all the time — and your self-repair mechanisms are in overdrive, trying to protect you from infection, cancer, and a whole host of other serious illnesses. Sometimes chronic fatigue is the only symptom that your nervous system is stuck in chronic, repetitive stress response — the whisper that precedes your body’s rebel yell.

Your urine is dark yellow.

Hydration is essential to maintaining a healthy body, and when you’re well hydrated, your urine should be almost completely clear. If you peer into the toilet and see a lot of yellow, you’re probably not drinking enough fluids. Remember, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages are dehydrating, not hydrating, and sodas are full of chemicals, so stick to water, herbal or green tea, coconut water, or green juice.

You snore.

Snoring may be the only early sign of sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by obstruction in the airways that can increase your risk of pulmonary hypertension and subsequent heart failure.

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