7 Types Of Kisses Every Couple, Lovers Should Know About

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1. The Gentle Kiss:

This is a tender kiss in which two people gently brush their lips together. Gentle kisses are indicators of anticipation; they can be tantalizing and full of desire for more. These kisses would more often be found between two people who feel comfortable and close with one another.

2. Single-Lip Kiss:

This kiss is performed when two people focus on kissing with one part of their mouth only, using just one lip. This kiss is not as aggressive as Frenching (see below) but is more romantic than other two-lipped short kisses. It is focused romantic attention from one partner to another, usually occurring between two people who are deeply in love.

3. The Peck:

The Peck is usually one of the first ways a couple explores their physical relationship. It is a way to see if the other person is interested and to test out a couple’s chemistry. The Peck is a quick kiss on the lips, fun and casual. Couples who have been together for a long time may also use the Peck as a regular greeting or parting kiss.

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