8 Pains In Your Body To Never Ignore – Unless Can Cause You Deathly Problem In The Future

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Here are the pain symptoms that require immediate attention.

1. Dull pain in the mid-back

If the pain gets progressively worse and is accompanies by fever and nausea, you could have a kidney infection. See your doctor as soon as possible. The infection could cause permanent damage to the kidneys, blood poisoning, or a complete kidney shutdown.

2. Tooth pain when you drink something cold

If the enamel (the outside layer of your tooth) is damaged or decaying, it can expose the nerve inside your tooth, leaving you with intolerable pain when the area comes into contact with any cold or hot substances. In addition to the sensitivity, an exposed nerve also puts you at risk for a bacterial infection that can spread to other parts of your body. See your dentist if you start experiencing extreme tooth sensitivity.

3. Pain that starts in the lower back and affects the legs

This type of pain is commonly a sign of sciatica, brought on by injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve. Talk to your doctor about pain management and treatment options. If there is also weakness in your legs, loss of bladder sensation, or new urinary incontinence, you could have cauda equina syndrome, a rare disorder that can cause permanent paralysis. Seek urgent medical assessment.

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