8 Types Of People You Find In Church

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Types of people you find in a church: Just yesterday I was thinking of what transpired in church on Sunday services. When the majority of the youth furtively dozing during preaching. I decided to contemplate the rationale. After deciphering I came out with a diverse reason: one is having different people with a different motive for their presence in the church.

Meanwhile, I just remember the transpire now and I think it would be good to share it with you before it dispelled from my memory.

Basically, we have 8 types of people you will find in church. So, here listed the type:

For charging: It’s only African church you will find members struggle to get church immediately. Purposely to secure a place to charge. In a frequent, you would find such people in church service that specifically came to charge. The sermon wouldn’t be their type. It would be either they keep prying eyes to congregations or thinking of their phones not to be stolen.

For Criticism: There is no church you wouldn’t find these kinds of people that might be a Normal worshiper before. But would just swerve into pinpointing any offensive or provocative words of pastorsĀ  (sometimes they might be ordained for it). These type of people are anomaly: half for worship, half for pinpointing.

For Slaying: People on this side are normally on the youth side. It was on Sunday, you would see those sisters with skimpy dresses. Or losing half buttons of their park-in shirts to show the glimpse of their cleavage. Intentionally to seduce lustful brothers.

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Brothers on this side are those you would see wearing an impeccable sensual dress to attract the ladies. Sometimes, many of them as a man you would see putting on agbadas unexpectedly and keep hitching it outrageously as its keep slipping off their soldiers.

For dancing: This type of people you would find they know every dancing steps to every hip-hop songs. Often, some of them might just regular to rock the club on Friday nights. And, the evident part of it was that they would find it difficult to restrain themselves from twerking during praises section while dozing during sermon time.

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