9 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Good Man

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4. Acting like a diva

Expecting your date to treat you with respect is a given and it’s totally reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is expecting a man to shower you with presents every single date, pay for all your sh*t, and also put up with temper tantrums. If you act like a diva, don’t be shocked if men eventually get sick of it and bail because that’s definitely why you can’t find a good man.

5. Hanging out with a crowd that isn’t good

Part of meeting good men is hanging out with a crowd that has decent people in it. If everyone in your clique has domestic violence issues, cheating, and commitment issues, you’re not going to find a good man via that clique’s connections. Birds of a feather tend to flock together, so you might need to change your scene if you want to get a decent partner.

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