As An African Child, 4 Things You Would Never Bargain For While Growing Up

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Little will believe that growing up in African entails some subtle actions that you wouldn’t bargain for. But will definitely happen in your lifetime. Either indirectly or directly. Life in African calls for a proper scrutiny. And, that was what impelled me to never let the post dispel as it popped up on my head.

Should I call this post, What you would never desist from as an African child? or what were the necessary facts you didn’t know was manifesting in you? Life in Africa deserves the best. Likewise entails an intense adversity. It either you go through the adversity while in the morning and enjoy your life at night. Or enjoy your life in the morning and go through that adversity in the night.

Why am I saying this? because we are in African. So adversity. What am I saying, I mean intense adversity. which is actually a necessity. And, there is no way you’re going to circumvent it.

Remember this. Commonly in Nigeria around the southwest (because that’s where I grew up from). Parents are so loving in the sense that they show their children way before a child would reach 18-years-old. He or she would have gotten an apprenticeship if at all there is no chance to go to university or other higher institution. And that’s basically little parents can do.

Besides, that shows the love that might seem subtle to us. In the sense of quickly showing us the way in either apprenticeship or education (going to higher institution). Maybe the certain intense adversity, Africa has for every single soul might seem a bit lighter us.

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Meanwhile, listed below are others problems differs from the certainty of profound adversity that African people do inflict on themselves.

1.Having many conquests

As a child in Africa that has grown to face the challenges of the world, do inflict themselves on something they didn’t know was existed. Differ from the intense adversity stated to face. You would still find African adding to their burden by indulging in too many conquests. They can never refrain from it, as if, it was a culture in Africa.

2.Accepting things from a stranger

This is also what African can never deprive of.  They thought this could put a halt to their difficulty by collecting from a stranger. But on the contrary, it is compounding to the whole situation. No matter what offering by a stranger. The First thing that has to come to one mind was if it wasn’t for diabolical purpose? if not that, and you keep indulging into such, it won’t long before you fall entangled.

3.Exchanging words with parents

As it might be going all the way from the good start. And eventually ended up being exchanging provocative with elders or parents. Always tarnished the whole good or kind ways form the inception. African are very found of this. There is no way they could circumvent it. once the child seems they’ve gained height, they have supposedly gained the height of disrespectful. However, it might seem unknown to them that through this, they keep compounding difficulty.

4.Disgracing the family in the public

As this actually transpire only when we allow it, I don’t have much to say on this than African found this also so profound and there’s nothing they could do about it. Family’s disgrace would happen but through who is what they would find disturbing. Many stand with this insinuation but it shouldn’t because it is a necessity. I mean there’s no way you won’t find this.

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Ways African get themselves into trouble and inflicting the certain intense adversity on themselves. hope you could relate? if you have any related saying with this, please share it with me through the comment section. much love.


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