Awkward Movement: My Blog Is My First Privacy

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With this awkward movement I got. I must confess that as Introvert as I am. I found this my blog so kept secret to confide all my creativity both in witty writing and other. But the best part of me was that establishing this blog. Actually give me access to what I found difficult in doing: exposing my life activities.

I hated the fact of being extrovert since I was young. But, now that I never envisage of this before stepping into blogging, I must admit that nothing I could do. In fact, what that has to do must do. no matter how awkward one felt in the first place.

I really wish like some people outside there on Facebook showing their pictures. And, fact about themselves like a celebrity. But, if I admit that am totally wrong. What a person inclined to, another might not. So if you are on this blog and reading lifestyles about kennyJosh, you certainly find the opportunity.

As for me, chances are very high. As what I believed that actually affected me most was when I started this blog. I didn’t disclose it with friends for an asistance. And after I realized, I decided to do it. Yet, I found them unsupportive. Because if they say people are very socializing. I disagree with it. they are only socializing on facebook-ing or WhatsApp-ing. Little of them you will find on Twitter. Because they didn’t gain access to posting photos like penchant. If at all Instagram is not type of MB consumable, they could actually accustomed to it more than Facebook.

So, what am trying to imply was that socializing of friends I thought I could find so supportive was nothing but a futile. But, I have to keep heading up. Showing undeterred spirit. If one should care much about unsupportive, it could have diluted convincing mind to deter.

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Meanwhile, I was talking about myself being an extrovert. And, more I wish to say I could do to overcome this reticent, I somehow felt awkward. And that gave me an remembering of what happened one day. The day I felt more remorse for denying the existence of this blog. who knows, if I hadn’t, more could have been added to the existing understanding.

Just a day I was called for a writing. I felt like have done a great and exceptional one. As I thought that was what that could show friends and relative impression on my prowess. Actually, he did. But I made an indelible mistake of being negligent. I thought it could be a set back for me as many of my contemporaneous friends out there pursuing a career to get a befitting job to do. I, sat down at home meddling with a Laptop.

Till now am typing this post. The most excruciating part of everything was that many which are my closest still yet to believe that it was a serious job am doing on the laptop.

Like I said. Many I personally have as a friend called themselves socialized but never to keep engaged or updated with trending. Blogging, as a matter of fact, seemed nothings to them but an uncertainty. Even if they get a chance to read every post, I would be delighted.

Not to keep you long, am resonating that whosoever chances you find to be on this blog, to know more about KennyJosh, you are opportune and I love that. I’m here to offer you a great inspirational, motivational content and keep you enjoying! I don’t mean ordinary enjoyment; I mean brim enjoyment.

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