Awkward Movement: I Choose To Be Who Am I

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Yesterday, I published 5 Common Human Activities That I despised. And it has raised an alarm of why I should be so outrageous on the part of being not photography fancy. Yeah! I insisted photography is not one of my cherishes. I might decide to take one today. Tomorrow, get it deleted. I can’t tell if that is also obsession so that I can try to overcome it.

Besides, this kind of being not photography fancy. It’s on my list of must-surmount. Have started doing it but the bigger part of me continuing having a scruple.

As the part of my awkward movement, “I chose to be who am I” stands for something that is actually subliminal but can be constructive. Only if proper care is being taken on it. Therefore, read this carefully:

Many life is longing to get an opportunity just like you. But they didn’t. And many that actually have the opportunity that you don’t basically use it lavishing without making a landmark with such opportunity. I’m advising every reader of this post that whatever in life. That you are adamant to and have been aspired to be as your personality. Don’t ever confide in any of your virtual relative that might only be with smattering knowledge of this your aspiration. However, I respected the fact of telling parents.

But where the problem lies is what if they also try to thwart that your plan? Are you going to say they know more than you or because they’ve experienced more than you? that’s the question I want readers to answer. Please!

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Secondly, What will you do if they try to obstruct such your aspiration? (hope you are reading this, questionnaires?). But I guess the matter could only be solved by settling them down. Explaining some things that they might not be understood about such your aspiration to them. In fact, that could make them flattered and tantalized.

And that might be the solution on the side of parents.

So, what would you do for that brothers or sisters that keep telling you to stop pursuing that aspiration? purposely because they haven’t found their way to extricate from this country’s plight. (You know what I mean?)

A smattering knowledgeable brother or sister you told would surely never desist from convincing you. They would think they had learned enough to control you.

That brought me to a remembering of one of my brother that I introduced a blog to a year ago. it was ridiculous. the incredible part of it was that he didn’t know what blog is all about. but he knew a website. So, if that kind of person you told you wanted to start a blog, did you think he would allow you? as he would try to show concern for your new movement.

I remember vividly that I tried to explain better to him by bringing Linda Ikeji into topic. But the total unbelievable was that he said he had never known or heard that word once in his lifetime. And that’s exactly what I was telling a friend of mine that many youths still didn’t know Linda. Basically because of nothing but not popular on Facebook. if at all she chooses Facebook as she’s running Twitter, she could have even gained popularity more than she is.

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So part of the Friends: once he has no right to decide for you or control you.  it’s just a matter to discard any thought he might have toward you; Friends hinder success, I reiterate. Do you know that?  Do you believe that? check out that link.

Meanwhile, “I choose to be who am I” only can lay a landmark by your dire and willing heart to work with a grit that there’s nothing that would stop you. I guessed that should be the answer (I mean for the Questionnaires)

I love you all. Do you have any objection or what you need to share with KENNYJOSH?. Head over to comment section.


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