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I just completed this book and matter of fact it deserves the best of the year. I quickly want to review it, so here it is: “Comprehensive review of In Dependence”.

Another JAMB recommended book “In Dependence” written by Sarah Ladipo Manyika tells a diverse intriguing story: Firstly, chemistry between Tayo Ajayi and Vanessa Richardson. Secondly, tells and traces the political history of Nigeria since 1960 when Nigerian gained Independence from British colonial. Thirdly, it alluded to the African American racism.

Tayo Ajayi, one of the polygamous children of Ajayi family. Who was fortunate to get a scholarship to study abroad. In the early – sixties, sailed to England from Nigeria to take up the scholarship at Oxford University.

Just 3 years after Nigeria Independent, from British Colonial, 1963. Tayo was fortunate to be a Nigerian going to British country, England to explore and broaden his horizon. So he could come home back and use the opportunity of being in Oxford, to move and socialized his country. For the development sake.

But not long after he got to Oxford, he started living Oxford life. Which often made white girls besotted with him at first sight. Basically due to his black color. Besides, his plan was derailed by a daughter of an ex-colonial officer, Vanessa Richardson. Who was ambitious to become an African Journalist.

Their love went immersed. As they hoped to meet up with a couple in the future. But little they knew it was a tightrope trailed before them. It wasn’t as if it not possible for them but basically first thing they would question Tayo was that; “Was that what you went to do at Oxford?”.

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He wasn’t convinced that his parent could rebuff the offer to marry her. Likewise Vanessa’s father, a racist and ex-colonial officer. Which literally, indirectly rebuff their request by giving an insinuation that if at all they would marry each other, it would cost them a lot – adversity. Hence, It would await them in the future.

Meanwhile, it later alluded at the end of the novel that Vanessa’s Father turned down their offer to marry themselves on the account of the hatred he had for the blacks. Because of the affairs between his wife, Vanessa’s mother ( Mrs. Elizabeth) and Gardener (Danjuma) – who was a Nigerian black man.

Tayo admitted facing the difficulty. He made attempt to propose but to his disappointment, he was called from home (Nigeria) for his father’s illness. After spending months in Nigeria, he attempted to go back to England for the sake of Vanessa that was waiting. But was arrested at the airports. Later, he settled to Nigeria and gave birth to Kemi through her mother therapist, Miriam.

Vanessa was disappointed not only because Tayo was not returning. And that he impregnated a local woman – Miriam But that Tayo indirectly tarnished his two ambitions: Firstly, to become his house wife. Secondly, to be popular African Journalist through the help of Tayo which was later but in belated.

She waited for years before she finally ended up with Edward Barker. Who had once be a friend to Tayo during his days at Oxford.

Meanwhile, on the side of Nigeria’s history: In Dependence basically tells the journey of The Political history of Nigeria. (I.e Since 1960 Nigeria gained independence. Both Civilian and Military administration have been besieged with corruption, deception, and dereliction, whereby making life unbearable ).

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Tayo, on the contrary. Hence, being patriotic to his country. He lost his mother in a collision to find out his missing. Whereby, he went to a village to curate the unknown history of Lord Luggard during his stay in Nigeria. Besides, left his wife, Miriam, and daughter, Kemi to live in diaspora abroad after much persuasion.

Tayo plays a role of patriotism by defending his country during its floundering. with an opportunity of being a lecturer at The University of Jos. While through the floundering made all institution (university) to closed down. He incited the student to protest that later resorted to pandemonium everywhere. Which caused a lot of many lives to death. Tayo, on his side still showed his indefatigable through his subversive writing. Until a day he ran into the bevy of Soldier that treated him to the verge of death.

He was later entangled in a misadventure after he had an accident that took his driver’s life. On their way to the airport that would convey him to America. He was amputated while living in a cozy apartment with her daughter. The apartment owned by her daughter Kemi.

In fact, In Dependence deserves appraisal. Sarah Ladipo Mayinka deserves acknowledgment as she curated this book to reflect through different five countries: England, Senegal, France, USA, and Nigeria. Then showed how Nigeria was in despair and full of demoralization in the midst of other. Nigeria wake up!

On the third aspect: In Dependence alluded to the major problem facing in America – Racism. And how it was been diplomatically embracing by American. ( American facing Racism; Nigeria facing corruption and deception).

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At the end of the story. Tayo Ajayi was awarded as a doctorate of literature by Oxford. Which was later hinted in the last chapter that his oxford-lover, Vanessa Richardson fought in support for one of the awards to go for him.

Tayo Ajayi and Vanessa Richardson later revitalized their love at their belated year. It wasn’t stated but I guessed it should be around Fifties. Besides, their love’ stance never surpassed such platonic relationship as they have had their partners and children respectively.

About the Author

Sarah Ladipo Mayinka was born in Nigeria. Her father is a Nigerian while her mother is a British. She spent her childhood shuttling between City of Jos, Plateau State, and Lagos. She has once lived in Kenya, France, and England. And currently living in California, United States where she’s a lecturer at San Francisco State University.

The Book Details

Title: In Dependence

Author: Sarah Ladipo Mayinka

Initially Published By: Legend press

Published By: Cassava Republic

Date of Initial Publication: 2008

Date of Publication: 2016

Pages: 170


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