Book review: Foreign Gods, Inc. by Okey Ndibe

Foreign Gods. Inc. by Okey Ndibe
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Okey Ndibe’s book, Foreign Gods, inc was a fascinating story of a man named Ikechukwu. Initially, I felt interested in this book. But everything wears down in the middle of its reading. Mainly because the Author didn’t reveal the whole story to its suppose. Notwithstanding, the command of English invoked in this book made me interested. And, I can’t wait to review it.

Foreign Gods, Inc is a story of Ikechukwu, a Nigerian that based in New York literally of the hardship he encountered in searching for work. Is a graduate. Later decided to move to New York with the aim that the hardship will alleviate. And, will able to make a standard living. He works in New York as a cab driver. Yet, instead of soothing it predicament, it making it compounded.

He was so frustrated and didn’t know the way out. Then, he came up with an idea. which it thought he could alleviate his suffering. So what was the idea? the idea was to travel to his hometown, Utonki to steal the statue of village’s ancient war deity, Ngene. Supposedly to sell it to an American merchant for a hung amount in exchange. It was an intriguing story on his mission to steal the deity. As if it was a real movie.

But, everything seemed to veer off as the Writer divert readers attention to astray pages that seemed fluff. Ikechukwu’s fate for stealing the deity wasn’t disclosed. Like I said earlier, this book was something that lacks clarity. It happened where the story was taking readers to another terrain of intrigue. then the author swerved away. But I acknowledge the author upon its writing.

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The serving pages introduced us to Ike’s childhood friends who had become a Politician. His first love who called off his relationship for another man. A false pastor, Reverend Stanton fleecing the members of Utoki. In which Ikechukwu’s mother was inclusive. Purposely for the betterment of his son.


Along with the story, the Author didn’t hint on Ikechukwu’s return to New York. His life was restrained in his village. Later there was intense adversity and hindrance coming his way which actually made his mother dumped by the false pastor of their village. Hindrance in the sense of frustrating his life.

But to think of getting continuation from the point Ikechukwu stole the village Deity, it wasn’t disclosed. Until the novel virtually get to the halt. where the Author just swerved to the continuation of Ike’s stealing. After the affliction he had faced in the village. I guessed he had gotten the way out of his problem.

The book basically left us with nostalgic tales of Ikechukwu. In fact, I didn’t know what I could describe this book. Keeping under suspense. Suspense which even didn’t disclose before the writer dropped pen of its writing. I wonder. But yet, I can appraise the writer as a good story writer, editor and best. It describes the usage of English in a strong manner through the writing of the novel.

If you want to give this book a reading. you can carry on. it worth a best as only comprise of proverbs, strong English usage and mind manipulation.

Book Details

Book Title: Foreign Gods, Inc.

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Author: Okey Ndibe

Publisher: Soho Press

Date of Publication: January 1st, 2014

Genre: African Literature

Pages: 336


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