Book Review: We Need New Names

We Need New Names By NoVoilet Bulawayo
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WE need new name by NoViolet Bulawayo

Ever since I stumbled on this Noviolet Bulawayo’s book via a sharing of Facebook, I had developed an interest to read it. Actually, I had read it now, it was in 2016. But, I remember it vividly. I guess it also worth to be reviewed. And, here is it.

We Need New Name was an intriguing story that could overcome one hesitance to give it another reading. And, I love it most especially its clarity. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean it was the best in clarity among the books I had read. But, it’s difference. I never thought it could offer what it did to my boredom. Because I remember I reluctantly pick the book up after a day remains to return it to the library.

After the reading, later I reminisce about the names of the characters and places. How funniest they are. Names like Mother of Bones, Messager, Bastard. And, places like destroyedmichygen, paradise, Budapest. It was such an intriguing book. Meanwhile, it divided into two part. And, both offer their clarity.

The first part of the novel comprises of the lives of Darling, Godknows, Chipo, Sbho, Stina, and Bastard. They were all teenagers, unfortunate to live their life as a miscreant. Mainly, due to the unfavorable circumstances. They aimlessly wander around to find way to answer to the call of their stomach intestine. They suffer and leave an abject poverty.

Darling and her friends wish to be living in a standard, but providence never allow. The paradise that they could be fantasied to be their royal abode be where they still searching for. But, they were under illusion. And, they continue living their lives in abject poverty.

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They live in a derelict building from one to another. Sleep in a dusty clay roads and dunghills.

The second events on this book was unfolded in Detroit, Michigan. Where Darling found herself thrown into another new world. Where she found the cultures and practices difficult to accustom. It was a complete strange to her. It was a solitary world without friends, Sbho, Stina, Bastard, Chipo, and Godknows. Darling finds enjoyment and solace that she had been longing for – paradise.

Darling in destroyedmichigan, as she pronounced it on the novel. She could assume that she was close to the paradise she had always be longing for. Yet, it still inferior to her heart epitome of the paradise she had expected to see.

We Need New Names really gets me elated as I read it with concentration. It was just the book of hope. I guess. it was a book of no perfect epitome of paradise than the one exist off this world. As one can say paradise is made up of pure white gown, shiny faces, golden wall, floors and houses. But, their paradise seems to not reach a quarter of this example.

We Need New Names wasn’t just novel you could expect love, romantic and usual ones. But written like a journal and written slightly different story in a single title. So if you are kind that love reading a plot, don’t bother to pick it up.

Book Details

Book Title: We Need New Names

Author: NoViolet Bulawayo

Publisher: Reagan Arthur Books

Date of Publication: 2013

Pages: 298


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