Favorite Books I Read In 2017

Books I read last year, 2017 best books
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Books I read last year, 2017 best books

Reviewing books on this page actually gives me a head up to do everything here. Actually, not all books I read last year I will list. Not all that catch my interest. And, I read books from both American and African Authors.

So here listed in no particular order, favorite book I read in 2017.

NON-FICTION: The Big Picture by Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Like I said, in no particular order. But, this book is my favorite in 2017. I was given by my brother who was little distance to where I stayed. In a month time, I was to read it. I never felt interested until a week preceded its due time. Then, have been given an ultimatum to return it. But I must not disappoint my brother, He will definitely ask me what I learned from it. That was what prompted me to give it a perusal. And I felt intrigued with the inspirational stories of some successful citizen of states hinted in the book. Most especially, when inciting on his childhood story. A dull child that becomes the first neurosurgeon to operate on a Siamese twin.

LESSON: Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn by John C. Maxwell.

Just yesterday I wrote about a mistake post. But believe me that this book was what triggered the inclination to write about the post. Just yesterday I remember this book. I felt like the only reason that could make this book indelible to me was to post of its relation. And, yes I did it.

John C. Maxwell has been one of the most inspirational writers in America. Since a couple year ago I had known him through a reading of his book How successful people think. And, few of his book have also read through a chance by getting from a friend. And, no one out of it I gave a reading hour that didn’t leave me with an imprint to rethink and refined.

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LESSON: Unashamed by Lecrae.

The book, actually, I haven’t given it a full perusal. I just read a glimpse of it. And, I should say is the most book I’m being curious to read in this year. it was written by American Christian Rapper Lecrae.

It was released in 2016. And, since then, every bookshop have visited for its purchase but to no avail. But, this year I will make sure I give it a full perusal either through downloading its pdf file or still searching for it.

NON-FICTION: Rebirth: From Grass to Grace by Juliana Olayode.

Just as cost as this book was in it releases, I make sure I purchased it. it was a story of the writer. She explains in eponymously to the tilled, how God moved her from lowest level of her life to her fantasized level. “Toyo Baby” gives a replete reality of world in this book.

FICTION: We Need New Names by NoViolet Bulawayo

This Zimbabwean Author’s book – We Need New Names tell the story of a girl named Darling and her friends. The unfavorable condition they find themselves. Wandering around with crying stomach. Yet, they stood together for a survival.

NON-FICTION: Unfinished Business by Lee Kravitz

This book has a lot to offer. And, it was an inspiration to me. Actually, the author lay emphasis on married humans. Most especially married man, in relation to his families. Both Family with his wife, and family with his biological parents. He explained how he diplomatically treats his family without affecting his biological’s one. The author wrote the story from his personal experience. How the trouble rose, and how he found a circumvent.

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FAITH: Crash the Chatterbox by Steve Furtick

This Christian book has a lot to offer in this contemporaneous days. I guess to solve the problem religion holders are facing. This book stands for it. In term of faith, conviction, this has strong words for it.

FICTION: Foreign Gods, Inc. by Okey Ndibe

I love this book in its clarity and English usage. A fictional story that tells how a man came up with an idea to steal his village’s deity for a  huge amount of money in exchange with American merchant. It was a fascinating story and part of my favorite.

Notable Mentions

  1. Changed into his likeness by Watchman Nee
  2. By Faith conquering Kingdom by
  3. Greater Force by Gbile Akanni
  4. The Power Of Self-Discipline by Brain Tracy

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