Forbes’ List: Top 5 Profitable Richest Rappers of 2018 (With Their Pictures and Net-worth)

richest rappers of 2018
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As Dr. Dre, Jay Z and Diddy have been the most famous names on the list of richest rappers since years ago. I guess they need no introduction. But if necessary: Jay Z is a recent Hall of Fame’s winner in Hip-Hop Industry. Dr. Dre, who’s a mentor to the most sale artistes in US Eminem, on producing electronic beat for Apple, has been a hot cake for him since years he had started. While Puff Daddy, The Money Making Witch emphatically has been the number 1 richest rapper for seven consecutive years.

So, in the middle of 2017 – 2018, many albums of rappers were released. And, if I should veer to that; the most profitable album of 2017. It would be between Drake’s “More life” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Damn”.

Any yet Kendrick name wasn’t disclosed; Drake’s that was disclosed wasn’t only the profit of sale album. But, also, was the attribute of another business.

So, I can say profitable rappers of today wasn’t only complacent and stay in only music’s royalty, and ticket sales for their concerts, shows. On the contrary, they go extreme to the extent of having 5, 6 another businesses.

So, listed below are rappers that rated profitable in just last year, according to Forbe’s List. Also, Top 5 Earner rappers in the space of 2017 and 2018.

5. Eminem

As Eminem, 45 is only the rapper on the list that garnered his money through music releases and ticket sales in the past year, 2017. I guess he doesn’t need an introduction. Meanwhile, He’s only the white pioneer rapper. White richest rapper. White most sale artistes. I guess his name was only, among any world’s musician, that ranks most on the Guinness world record. So, with all this achievement of him, what do you expect his 2017 album – Revival, the first album in the last four years – to profit? Mind you, Eminem has no other business than making music. And, through that, Music has found him a lasting solace. His Total estimated Net-worth is now $190 million.

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