How To Get A Stack of Book Read At A Time For Examination

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Today I stumbled on a post on Facebook by a user on how he’d gotten tired to read books at a time. So I decided with the smattering knowledge I have about book reading to share these constructive ways on how books like 4 or 5 can be read at a single time.

Below are listed, read carefully and make sure you share after finding it so helpful.

1.Schedule a time

Have you ever be in the surge of writing 3 core course in a single day at the higher institution before? if yes! you would know that scheduling a time for those books to be read would instantly become your necessity. For the sake of inexperienced follower (sorry for being insulting), let me make it practical: Assuming you have a paper to write tomorrow, which is like 4 or 5 and they are both essential, for every reason you must pass them. The first thing you need to do is to go back home early and know that that particular night, you wouldn’t sleep comfortably as you normally did. Now start making the preparation by reading 1 for 3 hours, wait for like 30 minute, then, take the second book and do it like that till you will be done with them.

2. Make sure you work with a dictionary

Reading without understanding is reading for a moment. Because it wouldn’t be useful at a time you might think it should. Memorizing is a just for a single day, for the examination you might find it obstructed to remember. Therefore, to save yourself from being such, you have to read and understand. Dictionary as a whole is a part of contributors to the understanding in the sense that any word you find so difficult to relate, consult dictionary or thesaurus to find the nearest in meaning so that it could linger in your memory for months or years to come. Besides it would hasten your reading process.

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3. Make sure you work with thesaurus

As many out there that find thesaurus redundant, I implore you to never trend on that, thesaurus on the other way helpfully contribute while reading in a wave. It contributes in the sense that words or grammatical you find so transcended your understanding can just be consulted by it and you will mark such place in your note with the simpler nearest in meaning you would easily notice and use in the course of the examination.

4. Make sure you produce your meaning

you can produce your meaning by writing it down after reading a chapter. Some textbooks were so helpful in the sense that examination possible questions are added at every end of chapters, make sure you answer them correctly without taking a glance at the answer. What you mightn’t know in the course action is that you have indirectly prepared yourself for that question if at all it shows up.

5. Know the type of lecturer handling the course

Am saying this because I have experienced it before, nowadays, some lecturers often are inferior to some students. So, if you know that and trying to form some ego, you would end up being a failure. Besides, some lectures are inferior in the sense that could want any meaning different from what they give you and they expect it to be written in the scripts. Is what have experienced before, am still remembering this because it dropped my GP as it was a core course that carried exceptional unit.

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6. Pray before the writing of the exam

The crucial part of what have listed here is prayer. Do you believe that some might not do the listed 1-5 and still acquit themselves brilliantly when the result out. So I’m imploring you, prayer solves everything. be prepared, and pray, definitely success will be yours.

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  2. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information specifically the closing section 🙂 I maintain such info much. I was seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thanks and best of luck.

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