STORY: God Opposes The Proud, But Give Grace To The Humble

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“Honey I’m ready,” Charles tells his wife.

She walked out straightly from the kitchen with the mind to see his off. It was just an another Friday for his concert. A renowned sensational African hip-hop singer with ‘C J’ as his stage name.

C J is a popular Nigerian musician knowing for his styles. And his flair to manipulate any song to his fans likeness. He had won numerous awards. Consecutively since the year he came into limelight. which literally the year he started his career as a lead Nigerian singer.

He was an ardent Christian before he gained popularity. Basically, maybe that was how many upcoming artistes did just to garner many attention and their aspiration: popularity. He had headlined many mammoth concerts across the whole Africa. Which made him top the list of biggest African musician.

Charles Johnson ( C J) tuck up his sleeve. “Okay Darling, till tomorrow”. He left with his Manager and his two aids, not when he kissed her.

Charles was marveled when he reached Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium. Located in the eastern part of the country, Nigeria to see a throng of fans that were full to the brim. And, eargerly waiting in anticipation and also humming. While the D J playing some of his bevies hit songs in the background. “let the show started” he adorably tell his manager that was standing in abreast of him.

He mounted the stage through the back step saw both instrumentalists and percussionists already onset. And, walked toward the standing mic and made an echoing voice that calls for a noise that replete the whole stadium and he heartily welcomed them – fans.

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He performed many of his popular songs and fans show amorous and adulation throughout his rendition, there was a clamor filled the stadium. he performed his studded songs; Fans later encored for more till he magically left the stage without anyone’s knowing among the fans.

He was done and set to leave for a hotel, he couldn’t return home; it was late. His lodging at a hotel on a normal day wouldn’t be in solitude. he would definitely spend it with prostitutes which were oblivious to his wife.

As the time goes, Charles became an atheist, desisting from God and starting insinuating that there wasn’t God. He became defiant, atheist as he was claiming that on how unremitting sins he had committed,  how could God keep showering him grace.

In the course of his action, he lost little of his fans. He was besieged with letters, calls from many of his supporters, aids, relative and others yelling him to refute his insinuation as it had spread like a wildfire. topping many headlines saying: “Popular Musician became atheist, says there’s no God”

His Discourse lingered for almost a year with the interview, symposium, seminar he had attended, speaking incessantly and convincing unconvinced religious holders about God’s nonexistence. But he never knows nemesis awaits him in future.

He came home one day after returning from an interview where he had eloquently spoken about his belief: atheism. he was on resting after being served his launch when he received a call from a group of worker that demanded for his major endorsement to advertise for their company as they had reached an agreement before. he had forgotten he promised that exact day.


Therefore, not to disappoint them, he went out to meet them at a juncture where they felt skeptical about his residential address.

“Hello,” He said with a smile on his face, they exchanged pleasantries. The workers were dismay to see a strange man standing beside them. they probed him who he was, he responded being the C J they wanted to see. they thought he might be joking. they obliged to follow him, once they hadn’t seen him face to face before.

He led them to his house. But the outlandish part of it was that he wasn’t allowed by his gate-man to enter into his house. the gate-man insisted he was a stranger, saying he didn’t know him.

He was totally petrified after he was condescendingly rejected by his wife, relative, workers and other that he had the feeling that they might know him. Meanwhile, he wasn’t disguised, his appearance doesn’t change but unknowingly to him, it was God in working.

He was rejected everywhere, people he knew that he accosted denied his identity. Meanwhile all this time, reports had spread about his abrupt missing.

He slept in the street, under the bridge and everywhere he found safety. He led an abject life, poverty; accosting people to get from them. he used 3 years in poverty and dismal; people had assumed his death.

C J later found God’s favor after the suffering God had put him through and after fasting and prayers he did in solitude. Meanwhile, he accosted a man to elicit any amount from him,  but to his dismay, the man shouted his name “C J, what are you doing here, we thought you had died” The Man said with dismay. but he was just weeping, demanding to take him home.

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Relative, friends, fans besieged his house while he was sharing his severe 3 years ordeal for the world to hear. The difficulty, suffering he went through because of condemning God before his huge fans because of his popularity.

C J later reconsecrated his life and was convicted in his belief. He practically became a pastor. He changed his career from being Hip-Hop singer to Gospel Singer.

“God opposes the proud, but give grace to the humble,” He said with a tear dripping from his eye.

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