Ladies! 8 Best Ways To Know A Guy Is Attracted To You Without Saying Anything About Love (Body Language)

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We’re here to help you out with the signs that a guy is immensely attracted to you. So let’s take a look!

1. He’ll Thrust His Hips Closer To You

Okay, so this move sounds like something Channing Tatum did in Magic Mike, but a guy’s primal instincts when they fancy a girl is to spreads their feet and direct their hips and pelvis forwards towards the girl.

We seriously can’t scold them for doing it, because scientists tell us that it’s purely biological. But if you really don’t like the idea of a guys pelvis and hips thrusting themselves near your face, you can just tell him to stop. Wow, calm down, buddy!

2. He’ll Touch His Hair

Seriously, if a guy has got the hots for you, he’ll touch his hair. If you’re lucky, he’ll even stroke his beard for you.

It’s actually a subconscious thing, and guys often don’t know they’re doing it. But it’s a flirting technique they have, whereby whenever they’re getting hot and bothered about a girl they can’t help but brush their hands through their long, flowing manes. Think of it as a mating call that goes back thousands of years.

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