Book Review: The Last Days At Forcados High School

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Jamb’s recommended book for the applicant in the used year: 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 seems to be causing abrupt waves as hundred thousand of the applicant are keen to read it. Since its penultimate year of the reprint.

Jimi, the protagonist plays a self-discovery, fortitude and endurance role in the fictional story of amiable relationship between family and friends: The Last Days of Forcados High School. His adversities that is actually emanating from his family literally opened a series can of worms for him. Which was amicably solved by his fling lover, Efua Cooker.

The last days at Forcados High school basically tells a story of how one can relate. And diplomatically deal with family and friends. How friends can often be of helpful use to the family. Besides, the system helped Jimi in the sense that, if he hadn’t met Efua Cooker for once. It could have been difficult for him to extricate from the trouble his brother inflicted on him in those last days.

The Story tells how friends can be often helpful in Family’s predicament. Started from when Jimi was bereaved. When he lost his mother to the cold hand of death over ovarian cancer. How his friend stood by him for condolence and revitalization. After losing his poise and suffering a withdrawn that had affected his performance both educationally and physically at school.

Jimi could not have passed through such a ripple of trauma through the written fictional book. If he hadn’t lost his mother, Kemi in the first place. His life started purposely at the beginning of the book. He tried to make his family, friends and his school proud of him. Which was exactly ended up being such after passing through inflicting difficulty. But little did he knows that trouble awaits him in the prospect. In those last days, he thought could have been his elated, cheerful year: those days at Forcados school.

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Recalling, those last days. How he inadvertently humiliated his ally friends over the leaked letter she Efua intended to write to his co-benefactor, Miss Novi. Though the culprit was Jolly, an art student. Who did it intentionally Because his advance to Efua was rebuffed. On the ground that Miss Efua had no time for boys. Supposedly because she attended girls’ only school, according to the writer.

Jimi last days at Forcados wouldn’t have been a severe scourge, if he hadn’t inflicted into trouble by his elder brother, Wole. Over the missing lab key that gave Wole and his squad access to loot equipment off the lab. Tell me, could the problem be so exacerbated for him, if he hadn’t lost his Mother that finds tranquil for him mostly. Besides, who knows if it was Jimi’s adventurous that brought their mother sickness. But, it was just all about a story, we shouldn’t assume that.

But everything back to place when Jimi was free from intentional infliction he caused himself. By sharing his brother nemesis after Efua interceded for him, Which made him felt guilty of being stupid in the first place for the negligence he showed during Efua’s entanglement.

Meanwhile, Efua’s intercession vindicated him completely and discarded other people’s thought that he was in compliance to steal the lab equipment.

Besides, let me reiterate that: The Last Days at Forcados High School only give an insight on how friends can be often helpful in one family’s plight. Jimi had no mother; his father was in exile. The only uncle was good-but-nothing. Yet, he overcame all the challenges, adversities through his friends’ aid – Nene, Ansa, and Efua.

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Title: The Last Days At Forcados High School

Author: A.H Mohammed

Published by: Cassava Republic Press

Date of Publication: 2013

Pages: 89


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