25 Effective Ways To Live A Perfect Life

How to live a perfect life
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How to live a perfect life

How to live a perfect life? How to maintain a perfect lifestyle? I suggest it could be gibberish if anyone sees this as part of the positivity series page on my blog. But it wasn’t at all. It’s part of the motivational post I have to share on this blog.

So related to that, I wish to share you some outright constructive ways to live a peaceful, perfect and consecrated life.

Actually, this is a combination of my perception and have written it a couple of years back. It was just Yesterday I stumbled on this from an old stack box. And I won’t let it go without sharing it with you guys and at the same saving it on my blog.

Listed below are helpful tips to live a perfect life:

1. Schedule a time to Pray.

Praying surmounts every insurmountable. Praying every day gives you chance to live another day because you have no clue of what a day might bring. So, make a time to pray every day

2. Read a book.

Learning is infinite. Learn a good thing every day. Make sure you read every day because through readings it widens your horizon, and knows the reality in this world.

3. Sit in silence.

In every day, you must make sure you be in silence for about 15minute and reminisce about how your day went. By doing this every night after you retire to bed is good. But is not about on how someone offended you. it’s about mistakes you made and finding circumvent ways to the mistakes.

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4. Sleep for 7 hours daily

In a single day, make sure you have a minimum and maximum of 7 hours sleeping.

5. Solitary walk

Be addicted to solitary walk of about 20minutes each day and smile while walking. By doing this, you will be remembering your days how it has been commended or condemned by people you met the exact day.

6. Know your limit

Make sure you never do excess, know your limit.

7. Desist from gossip

There’s nothing it will benefit you by scandalizing your friends or neighbors reputation. Instead, Live your own life perfectly and enviously.

8.Don’t jealous.

Jealous is nothing but a vanity. Is a waste of time. You have no reason for jealousy. Because you already have what you need most.

9. Forget about mistakes.

It would yield you no fruition by resonating your past mistake or evoking such past regret of your friend so that it would be ridiculous. Instead, focus on the future.

10. Make peace with past.

Making peace with your past will actually spoil the present. it is good to be remembering past but it must be in such a way that will change the atmosphere of the present.

11. Life is too short.

I believe you have an idea of this. if Yes. So why would you be making a hating or harboring grudges against your friends? Instead, to loving everybody both your friend and fiends. Remember this Yoruba adage that says: Human is river, there’s no where it can flow to. This basically means there’s no where humans (we) can meet ourselves in future for assistance. So why hating?

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12. Agree to disagree

You don’t have to win an argument. An Argument that could often resort into a fight. Instead, agree if you know it wasn’t in agreement with you. Agree to disagree.

13. Happiness

No one is in charge to give you happiness but you. You will give yourself happiness. Learn to be happier every day no matter the situation.

14. Forgiveness

Learn to forgive and forget. learn to forgive everyone for everything.

15. Do something good to other

Every day make sure you put a smile on people faces. If at all you are not jovial. Learn how to do good every day.

16. Don’t compare your life with other

Yes! never do that. Because you have no idea of what they had passed through and what their journey is all about.

17. Turn deaf ears to your scandal

No matter what they say about you is nothing and none of your business.

18.Build self-confidence

No matter what happens to you in life. Learn to instantly surmount it. Even in a da,y you felt awkward. Get up, dress up and show up.

19. Change

No matter what a situation is. Know it is temporary; it will definitely change.

20. Every day, say “Thank you Lord”

Anytime you awake in the morning, say thank you Lord for the opportunity. Because there’s still hope for you.

21. Wait for God’s time

God’s time is the best, you have to wait for your time. Forget about your mate that’s making it prematurely.

22. Happy

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Everyday. be happy. smile, laugh and move around with friends

23. Always say sorry

Learn how to say sorry. Either you are guilty or not.

24.Do things you enjoy

Follow your habit. It might be your future career.

25. Learn to be tolerant

Learn to be tolerant of people. No matter how provocative they are. Let them see a liberal in you.

Ways to live a perfect life. Are you inspired? Is this help you?

Please give them a trial. I hope they would definitely help. I personally concise and short the listed tips for the sake of comprehension.

Please. I need to hear from you too. How to maintain a perfect lifestyle. How to live a happy life. how to live a life like a religious holder: how to live life as a Christian.

Please share with me. your thought.

If you agree with me on this post, Send me Yes. If you don’t. NO.

Thanks for reading.

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