Nigerian Guys Writes The Shocking Revelation On Why Young Guys Engage In “Yahoo Plus”

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To talk about the conquest of “Yahoo Yahoo” over young guys’ business in Nigeria, absolutely, many could have thought it was a full pleasant and sweet to just start a business call “yahoo yahoo”.

However, A facebook user, identified as Scofield O Idehen has clearly stated, in the most insinuation and true form the life of a Yahoo Boy and why they engage in such deplorable act.

He Shared: “YAHOO BOY While sitting at my window today trying to comprehend the amount of responsibility on my shoulders I heard a boy say: If I was a YAHOO BOY? Living in a porch apartment with a slay queen to wipe the codeine out of my mouth with a kiss while I breeze off to see my baby mama in my new 4matic my oyibo client just sent money for recently.

I will chill in a 5 star hotel where people are paid to smile when they see me taking selfie at the hotel lobby why my father age wheels down my bag to a waiting room with a new catch lying on the couch just so she could cash out some of those notes?? I would live a dream life even for a few minute with my hair style looking like I just woke up from a 1year coma.
I will run and hide from the law enforcement agency and hide my iPhone 8 whenever I see an hilux, just so you know, it part of the thrill, the main thing that makes it all fun and when I am caught………… #thisisnigeria #POS #transfer #350,000 I will go to the club and buy coffin load of Champagne at a friends friend party I was not invited to while my mum can’t remember the last time she ate meat pie. ??its part of the fast lane, its part of the high voltage, while should I care.

After all, day break everywhere burst. Living off people’s sweat like the short life span of a mosquito that could not maneuver the hard slap of reality. Knowing tomorrow is not certain but why should I care, today is good enough But I am not a YAHOO boy he said, I can never be one.

To all those out there thinking about the short gain, think big and think right Good evening… I am Mr Animator.

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