Why Could Nigerian Rappers Turned Into A Singer

Olamide, Nigerian rappers turned a singer
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Olamide, Nigerian rappers turned a singer

As it was on rampant now. It’s no longer news that few of our dope rappers in Nigeria are gradually swerving from the genre and dropping comfortably into an ordinary singer. Which on the contrary, has triggered a frenzy since 2015 the arguably leading Nigerian rapper Olamide dropped an album which has no iota of rap music, except the album eponymously single.

Since then, I guess few of them have found their comfort place. As there’s no sign of leaving the chagrined category they placed themselves. On my own part, rap music is my favorite. And, I felt like have been getting such an inferior from my country. I remember 2012, 2013 and 2014 how rap music is everywhere. In fact, you might just be walking down the street and see a child of  4 – 10 age composing and rehearsing to his/her songs due to how landmark rap music made.

But, will you compare those years with this current. Most especially where Davido and Wizkid dominate everything.

Contrary to  2013 and 2014. I believe you would not argue with me that rap music dominate. In the sense that rap album won an award for best of the year category of many Award heading of those years. I felt quite disappointed. These rappers need to bring rap music back again. Rappers like Olamide, Ice Prince, Eldee, and Reminisce.

Now I don’t understand the reason for their swerving. here I get some suggestions that might make them decided to leave such genre. Basically, their leaving might be because:

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1.Less in profit

This might be the major reason. But I’m not sure. Indigenous rapper Olamide has been an envious of many streets. where you will find them his ardent fans launching into a tirade of praising him and condemning his arch-rival. And, according to the survey, I should say his arch-rival during his vintage year as the best rapper. It would be Wizkid and M.I Abaga. I know some might say Phyno. but not him.

Fans compared him with Wizkid in term of wealth. And, M.I Abaga in term of the best rapper. So, to not veered into an unnecessary part. Many believed he was richer than Wizkid with the fourth studio album he had released then. while Wizkid just released a sophomore album.

2. Difficult in curating lyrics

If I said these rappers found this difficult,  I basically exclude Olamide. There’s no way. Because, According to report, he had ever been the most industrious, hardworking musician in Nigeria. Due to that, he had released countless singles with many features in the space of his starting year and 2015. Which actually are raps. For this insinuation of mine, permit me to exclude him. Besides, who else among the veered rapper had released more than what he had dropped. No one.

Meanwhile, Difficult in curating lyrics might be difficult to some of these respectable swerved rappers.

3. Less in coverage

This also might be the reason. It no longer a receptive word that majority prefers normal music than rap. And, the more majority felt likeness on a single, the more it would reach an audience. If you felt perplexed to my insinuation here. you can go directly to YouTube and search for a rapper most viewed video and compared it with a singer’s. Less in coverage often discourage. I guess this might also be the reason.

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4. Prefer singing to rapping

This could also be the reason. Rapper in the first place might prefer rapping in the inception of their career. And, later felt like having a good prowess in singing. Then, they might swerve into singing. Once they often sang the choruses on their songs personally. It could easily for them to stop the lengthy lyrics and fast pronouncing thing and do what they felt like easy.

4 reasons Nigerian rappers – Olamide, Ice Prince, Reminisce, Eldee, and Skale could turn into a singer.

Please leave a comment, let me hear your suggestion for their leaving. And, kindly share with friends.



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