Nollywood Theatrical Releases I Wish I Watched In 2017

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Just a couple of days back. I stumbled on this vanguard reports: Movies that ruled the cinemas in 2017. when I saw it, I didn’t hesitate to check out the list. As I thought I had watched a lot but little did I know that many of it I haven’t watched.

I personally admit 2017 was a year I mustered much interest in following trending of every Nollywood films released. But the incredible part of it was that as I was keen to attend cinema to watch as many as I could, I still missed a lot. which to my dismay, happened to be among top 10 grossing movies. I missed many of those that arguably ruled the cinemas in 2017 and I would like to say the reason.

Meanwhile, am not trying to make myself a Perfect Nollywood moviegoer. No! am just trying my possible best to watch many as I could in cinemas. Just to add to the gaiety of my entertainment level. Because for any reason, I must enjoy my life, that’s certain.

Below are some of the movies, in 2017, I missed out on seeing, that also ruled the cinemas. Besides, the reason I missed them on seeing.

Alakada Reloaded

For everyone that had watched this movie in its initial released. I guess around 2009 and its second series around 2013 could actually be in a hurry to watch this third series after its trailer. I remember vividly around its first releases. Alakada’ stance is ubiquitous, is everywhere. but the reason I missed this movie out still didn’t reach my understanding. Have forgotten the reason but still remain one of the movies I’m eager to watch this current year.

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The most successful romantic comedy for 2017. By Popular Nigerian Screenwriter, Jadesola Osiberu is one of the missings that strikes me a lot. I remember its release. Then I wasn’t at Lagos, if so I would have gone to cinemas. But by the time I reached Lagos, it was already out of the cinema. I beat myself up for not seeing this movie. As I have been touted by many as leading romantic movies of 2017. Maybe I might still download it or forget it totally.

Okafor’s Law

I remember telling one of my friends that Omoni Oboli is one of the few that ruled the 2017 Nollywood Industry. But she never believes. Not to talk about the other movies she wrote and that was featured in this same year. Okafor’s law, which first premiered in 2016 out of the country and later Nigeria in last year. still remains my anticipated movies in 2017 since its premiere in Nigeria. But yet I didn’t understand the reason I missed out on seeing this movie.

10 Days in Atlanta

Ayo Makun’s third installment is one of the few most anticipated movies in 2017. As I have attempted to watch this movie, it went abortive. I remember in 2014, when the forth-highest-grossing-film in Nollywood history, 30 days in Atlanta was released. I went to the cinema with my brother to watch the movies. But, came home with a bruise on my forehead. You see. The turnout was cracy. In fact we couldn’t enjoy it until we later bought the disc after some months and watched it home.

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Besides, in 2016. After the second installment was released. I enjoyed the movies, because not as a crowded as it was in 2014. But last year, missing this movie, strike me most. As I wasn’t just eager to go to cinema as I thought people would still turnout for AY. Still yet, I haven’t watched it as its interest already dissipating. But before it dissipated completely, I would make sure I download its copy.

Banana Island Ghost

As I was touted by a friend about this movies, It didn’t instigate my interest in the first place. But not until I saw appraisal from many that triggered my eagerness to watch. But still yet, I haven’t. Missing it out in the first place by not visiting cinema after its release, also struck me. But now it’s on my top movies list to watch this year.

Alter Ego

I watch this film trailer countless time on YouTube. Not because of any person than Omotola Jalade. who’s my longtime favorite actress. But, as at the time of writing this post I still couldn’t understand why I wasn’t in attendance to watch it in cinema.

My Wife and I

I love this movie as it starred Ramsey Nouah Ramsey Nouah. And my new favorite Actress Omoni Oboli. The fact that Omoni Oboni was featured in this movies boosted my anticipation for its release. But I literally ran out of cash the time of cinema show. I downloaded the movies via YouTube but not completed because the MB exhausted in the track. I wish to watch it completely because it basically alluded to the difficulty couples face in there marital life.

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Below are the movies I couldn’t miss watching:

  • The wedding part 2  (8)
  •  Omugwo wives on strike: The revolution (9)
  • Hakkude (10)
  • Green White Green
  • Slow Country
  • American Driver
  • The Royal Hibiscus Hotel
  • What Lies Within
  • Celebrity Marriage
  • Couples Award

I can’t remember finish. Mind you, the numbered above are top 10 movies that ruled the cinema last year. And it wasn’t listed in there grossing number. no. they are just top 10.

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