How To Overcome Obsession

How to overcome obsession
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How to overcome obsession

To talk about the reality of obsession, almost everybody has the type. It might be in clothes, money, food, places, and humans. Humans in the sense of celebrity, the most. To say celebrity, it what that common and many didn’t know that. Obsession might be often subtle or conspicuous. It depends on how it imbibed.

So, overcoming this obsession. Are you even thinking of it? or you want to die of it. Even, the incredible part of writing this post is that till today I still find it difficult to know the benefit of obsession. Or is there benefits for it? No. So once there is no benefit for it, why are you doing it?. I remember a song lyrics that says: if I follow my obsession I end up confessing. This lyrics, I’m still yet to understand its implication. But i was certain that the lyrics hinted to the detriment of obsession.

Notwithstanding, obsessing has to stop. And if there are some ways to make it stopped. I guess it could be this;

1.Admit you have an obsession

This is a crucial part that has to be done. Is to know and admit you have an obsession. Definitely, you are getting rid of it gradually. I guess your instinct will tell you this has no value. it has nothing to offer you. less it brings you detriment and brokenness. And, at the instance, your instinct will still be telling you ways to get over it.

2.Discard the subject

I believe you know who or what you are obsessing on. Once you know it. The best way is to find tactics to discard it. You can discard it by deleting what evoke its feelings. What could make you evolving in obsessing someone? life is too short. That makes me remember the time of my obsession. Yes. till now I still have an obsession. I admit that. It was on a celebrity actually a rapper. But, I eventually overcame it by deleting all music, videos, features of the rapper and unfollow him on social media. And, that was actually and easy steps I invoked.

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3.Get yourself busy

Sometimes, their feeling might try to evoke. But do you know what you can do in such moment? is to get your busy. Like they said, an idle hand is a devil workshop. But, less in relation to this implication. I know. Also the same. Instead to carry yourself along in obsessing someone. You might just get yourself something to do that will take you busy. Because once your hands are at a task. Your mind wanders and explores around for something that would benefit you.

4.Perform hating on it

I don’t think some know what an obsession is all about. If yes. You will know that obsession, sometimes, difficult to get over. You might have tried the listed up there. Yet, making no changes. I guess intense hating on such obsession could slightly solve them. It might be a human, place, clothe or food. Yes. Through hating such obsession could get surmounted.

5.Obsess yourself

Eventually, you find lucky to stop this obsession. The best thing you can do not to fall entangled again is to obsess yourself. You can obsess yourself in glamorous, beautiful and handsome you are. I don’t know if fantasy is part of subliminal activities. if not. you can fantasies about your future. your self and reminisce about your past. Meanwhile, I guess this can solve.

5 ways to overcome obsessions. Obsession in term of food, clothe, place and human.

I don’t know if you have anyone that carry this obsession with intensity. If yes. Please, you can share this post with them. And, please if you had once surmounted this obsession before. kindly share me ways you invoked to surmount it.

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