Overcoming The Trepidation Of Writing Blog Posts

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I felt a quite foreboding when I started to think of what my first post should be. Little I knew that without overcoming fear, procrastination and marginalization will definitely take place. I’m being impetuous to start a blog for over a year past now. Eventually, it was established some months back. I started pondering over my first post, what my categories should be and how should I started an overture. And, it ignorantly took months from me. Meanwhile, I aimlessly wasted months without a single post.

Now am exude with confident. Actually this is not part of targeted blog posts I had intended to make; nevertheless, it has to be published. Because it would categorically highlight some constructive methods I deployed to surmount the apprehensive foray I had. When I want to start an unprecedented happening of my activity. Also my long-time aspiration.

This also applies to every soul trying to endeavor or showcase his ardent flair, lingering aspiration that he could no longer be shrouded in secrecy anymore. that’s trying to let the world see. Let me tell you something: It is normal, yeah! Anxiety and fear will definitely occur in the first attempt. But there are tactics one can use to turn them into deployable, that would be beneficiary. And, helpful to you. And if there are valuable things I needed to say that would help you from being dreadfully apprehensive, it would be

1) Risk: “life is a risk” it would be good if anyone can hold that and keep it in a secured file in his memory. Meanwhile, thinking of what people that might be of smattering knowledge of your ambition will say. When you eventually exhibit that the flair inside of you brings nothing but a trepidation. But the most crucial part of it is to risk. If at all people will appreciate, depreciate or berate. At least you wouldn’t die of proficiency, the best way to do is to showcase it for the world to see and add value to people lives.

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The risk might be difficult to do for a person with a negative mindset. But it has to be carried for whosoever that wanted to be successful. And if at all anyone out there trying to take a risk not minding if he was being fraught with difficulty. The only way he has to do is nothing but has…

2) Positive thinking: A man without positive thinking is nothing but a redundancy. there’s no judge for it. Likewise, no embellishment should be added to the word as it is clear that whosoever has faith which Basically means positive thinking will definitely achieve his aspiration. After you have imbibed with the feeling to risk. Once you know it was difficult to get over this trepidation, next thing to be replete of is positive thinking. That no matter if my initial courage is faltering, and my feet are shaking, I will definitely overcome this! basically, it would come to pass.

3)Ready to embrace failure: Failure might come, but out of who experienced it, only a few learned from it. Note: “Failure also means Mistake” majority discards the cause. And if at all after the attempt of the listed above, you still experienced failure. That’s not the end, it’s a herald, that’s calling for an active soul. Also, to be able and keep your persistence intact. Meanwhile, ‘Embracing failure’ should be treated receptively because there’s no shame in failure, it can basically bring shame only when you discarded the intention to repeat your mistake. Remember this, ‘Success is for those that can embrace failure’.

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With this constructive method, I listed above, the only thing you can do is to give it a trial. You don’t have to be skeptical if it was a helpful post or not.

With love and respect, I heartily welcome you to kennyjoshblog.com

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