A friend Like Enemy

A Friend Like Enemy
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The best at which he does is to impersonate to be an ally. He would tell you to help you decipher the rationale while he was inside his room enjoying his solace. He would tell you he won’t divulge the secret with anyone while he had done it before making the promise. He would tell you he will help you to intercede to the case. While, on the exact day, he boycotts proceeded to give you an alibi that he was sick. He would tell you that nothing can breach our agreement while he will first be the one to renege. He would promise you that he will help you to instigate the mind of your crush. While getting to her spot, he works for his own benefit.

Sometimes, he might tell you that in the examination hall he will be your succor. While during the exam he pretends not to hear your ally calling and proceeded telling you he hadn’t done the exact skeptic or he didn’t hear your calling. A friend like an enemy might tell you he will support your aspiration. While inside of him, he feels resentful and subtly finding tactics to thwart it from accomplishing. He might tell you all is well or God will be with you after you might have experienced a trauma. While he was the mastermind of the mishap.

Besides, the frightening part is that he might be your intimate friend since your childhood. While denying your assistance that might be under his control. He might celebrate you at your joyous day, in fact, might be your next-see friend on that exact day with a smile shown on his countenance, while having an ulterior motive to sully your reputation.

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There’s no other word for “bad” than BAD likewise applicable to “A Friend like Enemy” than Enemy.

Sometimes in a relationship, it might happen to show you incomparable, affectionate love, while he has a diabolical intention toward you. He might be invoking romantic words during the chemistry like,  “Nothing can separate us” ” You’re my knight in shining Armour” “My Love” “My Honey, My Suger, My Mangos, Orange and any other sensual words” while he had paid a bride price of another lady.

In addition, he might been living on a spree like a celebrity, showing you his houses on his phone, getting you out with his worth-million cars while his father and mother were in village living in an abject poverty and which all are actually for his Boss, and have no iota amount in his bank account. The unfortunate that might follow was that you might have conceived his baby before you realized that he’d been on an impersonation side.

He would tell you he will take you out for a date, while coincidentally, unexpectedly his boss returned that day. After questioning, he might tell you he had a flattered tire, he might proceed to tell you after he gets the tire done, he had a mishap, the worsened part is that he might tell you after the abrupt mishap he ran into severe traffic congestion that later made his to clear his mind for acceding to his offer to take you out while, he was in his boss’ wrath for misappropriated his poverty and severely berated on his boss’ cars had been put to use. No other words to qualify “A Friend like An Enemy” Than Enemy.

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A friend like an enemy, an enemy like a friend, there’s no way to circumvent them. They live beside you, they live beside me. They talk to you every day, in fact, you might be living under the same roof with them. And believe something: it might you or might be me.

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