Short Story: What Life Often Offers (Life Of Diabolical)

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I was enjoying the loneliness of my solitude at the same time contemplating about my husband that will soon leave for the airport. He walked out frantically with his luggage. He has never been the type to miss a flight. Rather he would have to be there an hour before the said time.

Both I and he took our leave to the airport. Where I will see him off. we got to the airport. “So if it wasn’t for interim sabbatical given to you, would you think of transferring to Abuja for a business proposal” I asked him. “Don’t worry, I won’t stay long?” he said with a smile showed on his countenance.

I never hesitate to cuddle him as if he was my newborn baby. For God’ sake, he will be leaving me for a week. How would I cope in the house? Will I be out in the early and come home at late? Why did I even accede to his request to travel?. Different questions roamed my mind as I watched him with my hand in the air beckoning him “Good Bye”.

I drove back home with already-missing thought roaming my mind. The fact that the business proposal he went for was obscured to me. The fact that he had started business also wasn’t in my consent. I admitted.

In fact,  I made a mistake by not questioning him in full before he reached my consent to start the precarious journey. I thought of different things before I drove inside the compound. Alighted, the gate-man accosted me with warm expression. he curried favor with me, Yeah. I knew what he wanted. It was some money but I wasn’t in the mood. I ignore his sycophancy. I walked straightly into the house. Sat down, picked up my phone and log in to a social media account to keep myself engaged over the thoughts.

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To my consternation, I stumbled on a breaking news on Vanguard report page. How a recent set off plane was engulfed with flame after landing at Abuja. I checked the wall clock to confirm if it had up to 3 hours his plane would set off. Yes, it was. I wouldn’t hesitate to check out about the details, but I didn’t comprehend on the account of the curiosity I felt.

I frantically reached for a mobile to place a call on my husband. But it was unable. Instantly, I couldn’t gain my poise. I had a sense of bereavement. But I was tentative. I need to find out before ending my skepticism. I was nearly demented with distress. As I had placed a call to him sporadically but was unable.

I briskly walked outside to where I parked my car, ignited the engine and drove like a maniac to the airport.

I was surprised to see unprecedented busy activity at the airport. Then, I went straight to where I caught his last glimpse. But, couldn’t find him. I asked one of the securities on duty about the event. he told me he probably be among. Hearing that word totally got my petrified.

My body was uncontrollably shaking.  One thing that came to mind was, has he died? What if he was among the victims? I thought of what that might have happened to my husband for minutes until the announcement was made that the abrupt severe incident was a big sorry for anyone that might concern.

They also made it clear that the misadventure severely took much life. That it was an explosion and some of the corpses had burnt beyond recognition. During the time of the disclosure, I had already started crying hysterically.

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The corpses later set down the airport after some hours later. I couldn’t see my husband. I sat for hours for another corpse’ set should carry down. But it wasn’t. I waited with a profound bated breath for a miracle to happen. Like I should just see him from nowhere around the airport vicinity and tell me he missed his fight. But no.

To my consternation, they purported that the remnant decease had been disposed of due to burning beyond recognition. I felt like ravaging the spot I was. like I just heard that my husband corpse wasn’t recognized.

After some hours, it almost 12 p.m when the busy is less. Majority has set home with distress over the misadventure. I was alone where I sat waiting for hollowness. There, a man walked up to me, I guessed it was a security informed me to take my leave. I had my scruple but later overcame.

I went home in lost of trance. As if I was hypnotized. with all this severe thought popping on my head, I nearly had a mishap on my way from the airport.

I got home. Walked straight to the bed. before that, after highlighted from the car, the gate-man accosted me to confirm the incident. if my husband wasn’t I guessed he had also heard it. “But how would he know such severe news in a surge” I thought to myself. he told me the media newsagent had heralded it.

5 years later, I was still on a trauma of losing my Husband. Before that. I had evicted from his house by his family. Also held my liberty to his property. Both me and his daughter of just exact 4 years old. I led a precarious living of a prospect. But I managed to strive and provide my daughter the requirement to make her successful in life. if at all she would fight for her father property.

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After 19 years later, just like a surreal, watching my daughter as tear dripping down her cheek as I just explained how his father was untimely deceased. Her wedding just remains a month and I was amputated on a bed for months now over my infirmity happened due to the adversity I had passed through for the betterment of her.

I had no opinion of who was going to stand for her as a family. I felt horrified as tears shedding from my eyes too. Life of diabolical. Life of Despicable. I wish I could walk so I could complete the responsibility I had for my daughter. But I couldn’t.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for the disappointment I caused you” I told him with unbridled tear surging from our eyes. Because, any moment now, the doctor will come to unplug the life support machine.


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