SHORT STORY: Love Gone Sour

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Sometimes love is loveless


Sandra woke up shivering with a throbbing headache, maybe she contemplated all yesterday night. not long after she had woken up, she did her devotion when she was done with a call she received. The conservation ensued;

“Good morning, my love” from the other side.

“Good morning” She responded.

“How was your night?” Tayo asked.

“Hope you don’t forget our date tonight?” He Asked.

“Yes! Yes!! I didn’t forget”

“Okay… Till night” he concluded.

The call ended. Sandra just relapsed into the thought of her sixth partner that she just recently broke up with all because of his unbridled lust. Immediately, she erupted into intense shiver battling with her thought that Tayo would not try to be such. After some minutes, she tried to dispel the thought and the shiver became to dissipate.

Still in her bed where she rested, staring contemplatively at the ceiling, thinking of how the day would go and what type of outrageous dress she would put on for the date to be sensual and made Tayo be certain of her beauty.

She spent hours on the bed before she finally stood up and did some chores. she waited impatiently for the daylight to turn to a night, staring at the clock sporadically, expecting the tick to reach 7 P.M so that she could be ready for his call.

She took her a year before it eventually reached 7 P.M and as he had promised, he called her and gave her the rendezvous. she was on her way when she received another call – by one of her friends.


“Hello Cassie” she said

“Hello Sandra”  from the background.

Without wasting time she declared to her friend:

“I will call you back, I’m going on a date” She sharply concluded.

She dropped her phone. Not too long, she got to the place, he met her charming partner. they hugged.

They sat opposite to each other while the waiter served them their ordering. They talked, giggled and share adulation.

At the moment of their adulation, Tayo perceived someone behind her was intermittently fixing his gaze on them.

Their gaze continuously collided but he would be the one to firstly avert his gaze. When it became unbearable. He probed Sandra if he knew the guy behind her. She looked back and was surprised to see his longtime partner who they had dated before but when through acrimony in the name of cheating.

“No I don’t” She denied.

They continued till when he became an embarrassment to Tayo and stood up to confront the man.

They exchange provocative words that resort to a tiff; they almost punched themselves before they were both refrained.

Not too long Sandra walked the man away, and resentfully rebuffed his apology till they got outside.

“Goodbye, Good Riddance!” she said to him angrily and went inside back.

She got to their sitting place, she didn’t meet Tayo.  she wanted to place a call on him but was restrained by a next sitting couple beckoning her the way to loo where Tayo had gone to.

Who knows that Tayo was a father of two. His wife met him there, during a tiff with the man; now he has led her to a secret place where he could solve the these on ground with his wife Because His wife had seen him with a new lady: Sandra.

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She was on her way in search of Tayo when she was hearing a slightest commotion emanating from a little distance place. She tiptoed to the place and sneakily eyed through the door handled hole found Tayo with a woman and two children. She fought her though that Tayo could not be the one responsible for the woman and those children. but she wasn’t certain till she heard their conservation.

“Please honey, she was just a friend” begging his wife.

“I promise that only just to have my way and I will leave her” He finally said

Sandra was shocked when she heard the statement, she almost burst into tears right away but recover her poise. Then she surreptitiously moved to their sitting when she sensed they almost left the place of their conservation.

Sandra was waiting impatiently, her body was already perspiring. After a minute, Tayo came to meet her while the woman and the children headed straightly to the exit door.

“I’m sorry for keeping you waiting, I went to use the loo” Tayo said.

“okay it alright, anyway am about to go” She declared.

“why? are you in a hurry? I thought we could spend quality time together tonight” Tayo sharply said.

She laughed, then told him everything. Tayo was shivering as if he was going to die on the spot.

She wept bitterly and left, drive crazily to her abode; Almost had an accident due to her resentment.

She got back to her room, continue weeping.

“I’m 35 and no sincere partner yet, how will I live my life, after losing 7 partners on the account of being promiscuous”

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“Is there no rightful man in the world”

She wept bitterly till she slept off.




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