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“Round of Applause” is a fictional story of a man called John.

I was naivety about my surroundings until I clocked 9-years-old. Then my instinct was right when I reached 12-years-old that the community I found myself, where I grew up was totally a slum. A community that was right with the saying: “Good Girl Gone Bad”.  In fact, a consecrated life or ardent religious person would certainly get perverted if care is not taken.

There wasn’t any rebuke from my mother as she only makes sure food was put on the table by leaving home at ungodly hours in the morning and came back home late. No one to care or scolded us for our doings either wrong or not. Both me and my younger brother and sister there wasn’t a way we wouldn’t get perverted with sexualism, stealing, profanities and other negative influences.

Meanwhile, I had an ambition which is to become a rapper, since the early stage of my life has been giving freestyle on the street. I was dubbed “Crazy J” as the J represents my name: John.

“Happy Birthday brother” chorused in unison. I was greeted by my little brother and sister as I just clocked 19 years: Before I reached the age, have already started shagging around, I was promiscuous to the extent of inflicting any ladies that try to object my advances. I’d done copulating like 25 times before I got to that age. Consciousness never pricks me in any of my action.

Because it actually depicts of where I grew from. I was green, I couldn’t comprehend that it wasn’t yet of my age to start shagging. All my thought was that it was just a fun for me. I have never once been initiated to Christ or any religion. my naivety was so profound to the extent of making advances to years older than me people. ” wasn’t it just for fun?” that’s always my answer to anyone tried to persuade asking me about my indulgence.

Actually, I was two years old when I lost my father to the cold hands of death during a collision of a truck driver and a BRT. Almost all lives that fell victims died on the spot. So, I never knew my father, not to talk of saving his picture on my head.

After a couple of months that I celebrated my birthday. I suffered a trauma when I lost my junior brother and sister in a fatal accident on our way to celebrate Christmas with one of our relatives in which I was also a victim. But God extricates me as I only sustained an injury of a leg, also one out of 18 passengers that made it off the accident. what a misadventure! I was amputated for months.

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So no one to care for me, I had only a family now which is my mother. I shedded tears like childish that later succumb me into chronic sickness. So if it was my sin that brings me this trauma, I would even make attempt to change. so I decided to change for better.

I turned back to all my sins. Still yet I hadn’t been introduced to any religion. Just believe there’s God and the misadventure was only a consequence of my lustful. That was calling for a halt in the lecherous lifestyle I led and face my life as I’m ambitious of being a rapper.

After a couple of years, I decided to move on my life and to make sure my mother enjoys her life as she was getting frail, also to raise money to support my ambition: I decided to work as a conductor not knowing a mishap still awaits me in future.

After 5 years of working my life had drastically changed as I wasn’t a conductor again but a tobacco vendor. the business was introduced to me by one of my conductor friends. Not knowing it was a foray of another sin I made. I wouldn’t have made the choice if I had consulted with anyone that the business is nothing but a sin.

I enjoyed the business and have gotten myself a car. My mother was now enjoying her life. I had a girlfriend. But everything actually obliterated from my memory after I had another accident that nearly took my life with my car. Just 3 months I got the car. The car was completely wrecked after the collision. But most surprising was that I wasn’t inflicted on any wounds when I came out of the wrecked car; no even an iota of blood gushed out of any of my body.

Immediately, pedestrians had besieged the scene, clamoring on how God had saved me. It was a dream to me when I looked back at my car and saw it had irreparably damaged. I couldn’t walk or talk, I just fainted.

I opened my eye after the misadventure, I saw myself in a hospital bed.”Thank God you have woken up” a man said. “How is your health now?” He asked. I couldn’t answer, I was just starring listlessly and weeping. The man tried to console me but only if he knew my life journey since maybe he could have joined me in weeping. “God saved me the second time”. that’s was the statement that filled the empty void of my heart; the rest were urging to weep bitterly.

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After a couple of days, I regained my physical resilience but not only when Doctor told me I had suffered impaired memory: memory loss. So unbeknownst to me, I wouldn’t remember my mom, my business, my girlfriend anymore.

The man paid my bill and I left with him. what a Samaritan man! we got to his royal abode and I was welcomed by his charming wife, I guessed she was with his husband the day I first opened my eyes in the hospital, because she looks familiar.

Later I found out that my ally was a pastor at his church. through him, I was initiated to Christ and totally consecrated my life for Christ in amidst of thousand of Christ follower. “I’m cleansed, the old things have gone, the new has come” that’s what filled my heart while my eyes closed, then I opened my eyes I saw a throng of people besieged me. I guessed they were also just concreting their life.

Not long I decided to live for Christ, I located my mother through my ally telling me this is my mother. I was looking at the poor woman with tears dripping from her eyes. Firstly rejected not until she personally shows me my pictures, the ones that made me certain was the one we took together. I also wept bitterly as we share adulation. Since then she had been living with and I make sure she never suffers gain; that’s only the family I have.

While still pursuing my ambition which is to become a rapper, practically, every service I attended not until one day I went to our headquarter where there was almost 10,000 of youth combined together for a conference. There I met a woman, through my church friends who I immediately got smitten with her at the first sight. I confided to my friend about the girl I met. He told me to make the advance which I did and she obliged after the second attempt. we dated for a year before we finally tied the knot.

Not too long after the marriage, I released my debut album. A mainstream album but never gained attention because I had no popular artiste’s appearance on it. After its released, I was besieged with letter, calls, and criticism asking if truly I was an ardent Christianity. that I shouldn’t make attempt to be a rapper, said rap is for a sinner. Then, I was simmered with resentment, with the mind that how could a mere people telling me to stop pursuing my longtime ambition.

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The friction between me and my people got enraged to the extent of losing my marriage. Months later, I was introduced to Christian Hip Hop (CHH). Which was implies being a Christian and be singing like a hip-hop but the songs’ lyrics would actually be positive messages and little or full of Christ. Sometimes, they call it Holy HipHop.

I was showed some of CHH songs which I could be able to comprehend with the genre. Songs form artistes like TobyMac, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, GRIT, Da’ Truth, FLAME, and others. It took me months to understand these people and their genres.

So, I decided to make another album with another stage name: “Jay King”.

I released my album a year later and was marketable than the previous one. I toured many African countries where Christian is located. Because my album was promoted by my church which was in every located Christian country in Africa.

After 10 years later, I celebrated my 40th birthday with my wife and my 4 kids.  Meanwhile, I had released 10 full-length album that categorically based on Christian Hip Hop. I decided to throw the party out after a week.

The party was just a memorable day for me as it was graced by different country dignitaries and some of my fans. what a remarkable day! round of applause!! Congratulation!!!

“Hello, Mr. Jay King” Greeted by a Reporter.

“Hi” I responded.

“How do you feel? What does today mean to you?” She asked.

“Actually is a celebration of my achievement, likewise it was a day of nostalgia for me” I answered.

“why? Why did you say that?” She dismally Probed.

” Because my life since adolescence had been God’s grace. I had 2 misadventures and lot of challenges in life. but God didn’t consider, in spite of that he grants me grace” I answered.

” So what do you have to say in conclusion?” she cheerfully asked.

“It calls for a round of applause” I answered.

“Round Of Applause” She confusedly said.

“Yeah! Round of Applause! Round of Applause!!” I repeated.

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