Strange Things I Do To Kill The Boredom

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As the boredom is required it is an inevitable phenomenon in human activities. Every day is not a Father Christmas. Boredom kills the spirit of alive and cheerful; there’s no human that wish to have such. Normally people kill such through taking a stroll to the street or taking a step to where there’s bevy of people. And, launched into the tirade of abuse or praising of somebody.

For me, my incline seems to turn back to those. It’s not part of my working system. I would have even sat down with rap music than to go out there and prying into what am unconcerned with.

Hello Readers! sorry for not making this initially. I want to tell you that being too introvert brings much boredom and that was what brought the insinuation to write about boredom. At least, life is to enjoy and explore around. Below are the five strange ways I handle boredom.

1.Launch into Fantasy

This is what that had become my intimacy since I was young. There wasn’t a way I could stop myself from fantasy. At least, it is tenuous to think of impetuously making life with the future if one doesn’t fantasize about how the action would go. If actually, one is in the position.

Most occurred to me was the current situation I read on the net. That actually triggered my resentment before my phone went dead. I did examine if I was the one, how would I act. if I was the president, how would I make sure this difficulty little relieve my people. How would I make sure corruption little eradicated?

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Sometimes, due to idle handy. I migrated my fantasy into an unconcerned situation. Because I never doubt myself that I would make it one day and if I eventually made it, how would I do it in a diplomatic way.

2.Re-watch a particular movie most especially Bollywood

if I was lucky at my boredom period, there wasn’t a power outage. I might decide to watch a particular movie for the umpteenth time without getting weary. At least if there was a series and full of romantic that could lead me to thinking of my partner. What a time to be alive, fire boredom completely!

Sometimes, major things I could find so replete in low of the killing of this boredom was to watch a new movie during my boredom. I never did that once! if at all it was done. I just wasted that time because I can never comprehend the lesson embedded in the movies.

3. Getting new rap songs downloaded

Also, that could help me in total killing of boredom. It might be on the account of sufficient Megabyte that could propel me into its lavish. Fortunately, if there wasn’t a movie to re-watch or never had the surge. I might just swerve my attention into downloading of rap songs. And if not only going with a mind instigation, I wouldn’t hesitate to berate such Rapper.

Sometimes, I might decide to place myself on a consecrated level. That moment. Only I can do is to get new CHH songs downloaded. That time of the ripple only if I could get related songs like “Background” or “No regret” by Lecrae, that could make me showering praises to such Artistes.

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4.Hone my mediocre talent or performance

If I found so listed tactics hinder to do. I might just change the movement into honing my performance either typing, vocabulary or writing. I know it would sound ridiculous to hear that without light. But, I do type on the keyboard pad just to make sure that I’m accurately faster than anyone I know. I might sound absurd too for saying honing my mediocrity, I know! but everyone has its own mediocrity. No one is perfect. And if you are and you sure, just ‘hi’ me in the comment section.

Sometimes, I never budge an inch on becoming rapper one day. So for that reason, any outright boredom, I try to hone my talent to make sure it meets the world contemporaneous standard.

There you got it, fabulous readers.  4 weird things I do to kill boredom.

Directed to you, what are the weird things you do to kill boredom? be kind enough to share it in the comment section below.

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