The Road That Intimidates Me

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I was in a listless mood when I remembered about the intimidation I felt last night when I was trying to pass the road. I couldn’t decipher who or what that was making me frighten so profound. I never thought of anyone or animal. I just didn’t know who or what was menacing my tranquillity. “Could it be a friend of mine?” I thought to myself, “was it a diabolical spirit?”  I never came to conclusion before I dozed off.

I woke up shivering in the next morning. what else could cause this if it wasn’t for that severe frighten road. I wish I could see that person or animal or whatsoever making me this petrified. If at least, maybe I might have experienced alteration. I remember what my mother told me about her journey passed the road. Out of what she said, the reason for the intimidation she also felt in those first attempts, she had never told me before she traveled. Traveled to where? I will tell you.

Still, on my thinking. I discard the thought of exuding any intimidation again. I mustered more hope and courage to go back to that road again because there wasn’t an option. I must see what my mother had for me. During the time the thoughts were popping on my head it was in the morning, “I must not go now” I assumed. I waited till daylight slightly altered to dark before I take a trial again.

In the course, have made a resolution to go to that road again without faltering or compromising. “In fact who else would tell me to compromise, when my mother had told me that I mustn’t,” I thought to myself.

Before evening came have gotten myself something to eat. Besides, since I was the one only living. No one to cater for me or get me my immediate need. I have them done by myself.

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After done with the meal I had prepared myself. Instantly, I engulfed with a slight intimidation when I remembered the emanating sound I heard from the same road distance from where I stood to fetch dry trees for cooking aid. “what’s else can still be screaming on this road?” I asked myself.

Have never come to conclusion till I have my siesta. I woke up exactly the time I had planned. The first thing that came to my mind was to go to that road with a replete fortitude to attempt going passing that road. I never wasted time. I quickly dressed up, put on slippers with my torchlight for the sake of the safety if at all night came to pass me there.

I walked with courage toward the boulevard. As I was about discerned the road from little distance I stood. Instantly I engulfed with fear. I almost move an inch back but something restrained my urge. I waited for some minute, remembering what my mother told me. That if I succeeded to pass the road down; “There’s something good for you there” I remembered my mother word.

I summon the courage to venture. But, to my dismay, the ominous sounded-evil voice wasn’t sounding. I thought the unknown diabolical person or thing had gone. I was about getting to the exact spot where the sound emanated from its actual spot.  When I heard it voiced out. it was like an explosion in my ears and stance. I legged it down while one of the slippers off my feet, torchlight fell down in the exact place.

I ran surpass where I first stood to tremble about not voicing. I practically reached my house before I stopped. I had never been so petrified like that in my life. I sat down on the pavement in front of my house while I’m inexorably gasping. After some minute, I was about to light my way because it was ominously dark before I realized have lost my torch during the excruciating ordeal. I felt bitter and downcasted. While my head down, I observed I had also lost a slipper on my left leg.

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No light to maneuver to my room, I thought I should sleep outside. But I fear of what that might happened. There, I groped my way down to the bed. Before I called it a night, while in the darkness I thought of what or who could be so despicable to hinder my movement passing the road where my mother had confided to me that something exceptional waiting for me there.

I woke up shivering again, in the morning. I was in despair I thought of discarding what my mother told me that was there. But part of me still insisted to try again. To try in passing the road again. I fought with my thought for over an hour before concluding that morning.

I stood, as usual, get myself prepared for the meal, I remember a quote that says: Persistence only pays off, giving up is an option so I thought to myself that there wouldn’t be nothing that would thwart me from seeing what my mother had for me.

Instantly after I was done with my meal. I sensed I should go in a daylight whether it would still be making such diabolical voice. I stood up and took my leave to the road. I felt a bit of reluctance to venture when I was a little distance to the spot. not long during my skeptical if either I should continue venturing or compromise so that it wouldn’t be as it was yesterday. After some minute of my skepticism, I saw a man that came out from the bush opposite the spot. I couldn’t wait to accost the man with full of ravishing him if he happened to be the one intimidating my life since.

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I bellowed to attract the man attention, to my appalling, he looked back, I felt little cringe with his frail, little-contorted face “the man is even reaching a senility” I thought to myself. instantly I was moving closer to him, as I was moving I felt little faltered but I wouldn’t, I must decipher the rationale for this menacing. As I was about to move 2feet closer to him he disappeared.

“Jide! Jide!! Jide!!!” Mama shouted. I woke up, it was like a surreal to me and yes it was. “so I was dreaming all day” I thought to myself.

Later in the evening, I decided to visit the spot, after getting there, there wasn’t such a diabolical noise. I spent minutes their to decipher what was really intimidating on that road, but I couldn’t. So, I decided to walk away,  I was about to move an inch, I heard the exact voice on my dream, but it was low in deafening, I look down to where he was emanating from only to find a bevy of frog jumping aimlessly around.

I was little disgruntled about the glimpse, “so was it frogs that had been hindered me from passing this road on my dream” I asked myself. So truthfully, a dream is nothing but a foolishness, “How could I be cringing for ordinary frog voice” I said it confusingly. I walked back home while playing with the moment in solitude.


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