Unforgettable Happened: A Song That Brings Me Embarrassment (Short Story)

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Just a Friday night, have personally forgotten that there was a night vigil categorically for youth. Maybe if it was a general vigil, the embarrassment could have been more festered and lingered for years to come.

I was busy with my phone, an earphone in my ears. Then I decided to work to the church as the day was already turning out totally to ominous dark, not too late outside, I walked prettier faster. I got to church saw many people waiting for 12’o clock to tick before starting the program.

I walked myself to meet some bevy of friends giggling and spitting, I greeted them. Sat down with them. Later, I decided to find a place to sleep to avoid being unknowing nodding my head like a live chicken during service hour. After spending 30 minutes with them, I found a place to sleep but couldn’t sleep because of noises. I proceeded to find another place till I found a place to sandwich myself between two fast asleep virtual friends.

I managed myself between them. But there I couldn’t comfort myself until I stood up head straightly to a place very conspicuous. Yet I couldn’t sleep until I played my music again. I mean rap songs. Finally, I slept off seemed like two minutes to the time of just slept off I heard them laughing at me.

What happened? What the mess have I done again? I felt reluctant to stand up. Firstly open one of my eyes to notice if was actually the one laughing at. Confirmed people had besieged me. I woke up personally hearing my phone while the earphone had been discarded playing Olamide’ s Wo song inside the church. Not again? what the mess have I done again? that was what replete my head at that time.

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I was totally embarrassed as have been given an ultimatum before. I remember, just a week ago we just ended the Sunday service and people exchanging pleasantries. So on a normal day, Christian music would be playing in the background. “Kenny bring your phone, let me connect it with the Mixer,” The director said. I was a bit reluctance before I finally gave it to him. A question that popped up in my head was: “What if he found out dope rap songs on my phone”. I tried to fight such insinuation that rap songs were only for unbelievers or for consecrated lifestyle people. But didn’t understand and I haven’t concluded that when I was told my parents were looking for me. I ran to meet them, they send me to meet someone at a little distance to where we stayed, at church.

Who knows that my departure would bring me shame before my arrival. The music playing in the background in the church was not only replete the church inner but the whole compound as there were woofers everywhere. I returned, gave my parents the errand I ran for them, the only thing I thought they would say is thank you, but no! it was a thunder on my cheek, I felt like  “They just slapped me? what have I done? what my offenses?” different question surge my head. “Go meet the director and collect your phone” he bellowed.

I got to his stance, he gave my phone to me. Left but I noticed his face was also bit contorted with resentment, seemed like he has been admonished by someone, “What even happened” I thought to myself.

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I got to the car, drove off, on our way, as usual, they would definitely talk about one thing or other. There, I was severely admonished telling me my phone got everybody into confusion in Church as the song playing  Nathaniel “Onise Iyanu” swerved into “IF” Davido.

“So how could you have such songs on phone? when would you stop listening to these type of songs?” I was disappointed, and I was pleading at the same time because I knew a lot of majorities that could have been sent a shock wave to. Or how do you want to explain that an arguably biggest church in the town playing “IF” by Davido in the Sunday service?

Now, me again, being caught again playing rap songs. Instantly I pleaded to change, after little intercession from Friends they granted my apology and advised me to delete them which later I did. Till now have stopped listening to rap songs.

What about you? Can you relate? let me see your answer in the comment section.

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