5 Negative Effects Of Using Pillow While Sleeping To Your Health (Must See)

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Mattresses, particularly in the first few years of ownership, emit toxic chemicals into our bedrooms. What is worse though are the pillows we lay our heads upon. In fact, they are directly responsible for certain health problems.

Pillow is a smart investment in your overall health

There are several reasons why. The most dominant reason is that our beds and pillows are filled with synthetic materials. Among the most popular of them is a polyurethane foam, known for causing respiratory problems and irritation to the eyes and skin.

These types of pillows also attract dust mites. The fecal matter left behind from dust mites is responsible for creating allergic reactions in millions of people around the world.

If that sounds like the kind of stuff nightmares are made from, you are absolutely right. In addition to the ick-factor at hand, there is also the matter of how your pillow might not be giving you the right support, which will lead to neck and back pain as well as poor quality of sleep. To combat these issues, you will need a new pillow.

Many of us go by the feel of the pillow or the cost. It may feel crazy to invest a lot of money in a pillow, but it is something you will be using every night of your life. Quality is not something you should compromise when it comes to pillows.

Aside from the contaminants, when you suffer from sleep deprivation, you will have difficulty concentrating on tasks at work, have a greater risk of obesity, and will be more prone to conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

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How to choose the right pillow

So how do you find pillows that will not harm your health? Follow these tried and tested tips:

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