Wizkid Explains How He Makes Davido Performs In His December Concert

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One of the landmark, remarkable day of 2017 in Nigerian Entertainment industry was a day in December when two Nigerian icons Wizkid and Davido perform together. It was their first joint performance since the inception of their career.

Meanwhile, Wizkid revealed during an interview with HipTV how it happened.

He said:

“I just called him and we made it happen. It’s not a big deal. I just sent him a message”, he explained.

He also made it known that the exact year tiff between them was just a nothing serious. “It’s all hype, that’s not real stuff”, he cited.

He proceeded to share some insight on his soon-to-be-released EP – Made In Lagos which said being shot in Africa. Meanwhile, not International this time around.

“I shot a lot of videos in America and all around the world basically. But for my next project that, I’ll love for people to see Wizkid for Wizkid. I’m not shooting no videos outside”, he explained.

Wizkid’s Made In Lagos EP is expected to drop before the end of the second quarter.

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