You Can Do It Too (Defeat)

You can do it too
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You can do it too

Going back to some inspirational posts of last month on my blog gives me a head up to share this also. which is actually titled: Defeat.  It no longer a striving accustom as a procrastination mounts over most. But to embellish the sentiment of mine. Procrastination wasn’t only the plague majority were facing to make an attempt. Yes. But Majority carry the construct of being less concerned.

Quickly, with a notion, concise and comprehensive. I will tell you that no matter opportunity you get to show your prowess or aspiration, don’t let such time to elude you. I wonder why People do fear because they felt marginalized, felt they couldn’t influence. which is not. Many carry the sentiment that they can’t achieve on it. Which is an illusion. But my question today is that “why can you try first?” I remember one of my words: Embracing mistakes often yield to success.

What majority didn’t know was that the fact that they attempt in the first place gives them an opportunity to never make such mistake again. Then It left to who hasn’t made it. So do you want to tell me that you hate mistakes or you don’t want to be ridiculed for making such mistake? I disagree with that.

What majority doesn’t know is that mistake is a certainty. There’s no way you are going to circumvent it. No one is impeccable to never make it. So why are you fearing of making an attempt? or you want to say you have no any dexterity or any prowess in you?

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Please, I’m imploring you don’t try to give fear a place in you. Don’t try to allow procrastination to make a change in you. 17, 18 years old are making it now. Remember the age of Kylie Jenner before she garnered popularity. If at all it was through the reputation of her Elder sister Kim. Let me discard that. What of 7 years old Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comedy? Tell me if she refused to adhere to the opinion his cousin, Mark Angel gave her before she started using her prowess. Would she have gained a surge of popularity like this in her lifetime?

Like I did say, many are out there longing to get an opportunity just like you, but they didn’t. So, once you’ve gotten the opportunity, why can you invoke it immediately and relieve yourself from this country plague.

Life entails difficulty that could only be circumvented by a wise. So, to invoke this insinuation of mine I want you to a give this listed opinion a trial:

Never allow fear to determine for you.

Never. Fear yields to procrastination while procrastination offers detriment. Detriment in the sense of dissipating your aspiration, your desire. If you allow fear to cripple you, it would only make you remorse and pathetic. So, departing from fear.

Always try if all it will yield to mistake

You might not know before you try an attempt on your aspiration. But, like I did say before this listed. Mistake brings success. If you embrace mistake, definitely you have subtly embraced success. And, if at all you made such a mistake after your trial. don’t relent, you the opportunity to learn from it. And, never allow yourself to make the mistake again.

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Make attempt always

You might not be the type to intervene into one’s business. But anytime you find yourself in the midst of mediocre people in a particular work. Don’t make yourself a redundant. Even, like I said earlier, you know that this you haven’t tried it once or have no clue about. Just give it a trial. remember this word that versatility is not a single prowess. it is a many. And, without versatility in your prowess, it could be somehow. Because you will definitely find some that have this versatility.

You can do it too. You can defeat. You don’t have to give fear a place in you. You don’t have to procrastinate or be redundant always by fear of making a mistake. Instead, I implore you to embrace such mistake.

Thanks for reading.

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